Back Page Tony

Who is Back Page Tony? It looks like a moniker for an underworld crime boss. First I’d like to apologize to any Mob Bosses out there for any invidious connection. The fact is that at least Cosa Rostra has the moral fortitude to stay away from child prostitution, trafficking, kiddie porn and general pedophila. Unlike […]

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The Rinder Cult

All one has to do is read the comments section of Rinder’s blog to establish the fact that he has become a cult and that his followers accept his word without question or dissent. What’s so ironic is that he and his most ardent followers claim Scientologists respond that same way to what Hubbard says. […]

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The Emeter

Scientologists use a device known as an E-Meter which is actually a truncation of Electropsychometer which was actually a device invented by Volney Mathieson for Scientology counseling or auditing. What this meter does is measure reactions to questions being asked by an auditor. These are usually recorded as “falls” meaning the needle falls from its […]

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The Going Clear Series

I whole heartedly endorse Marty Rathbun’s recent series of videos over on his blog. For some time as one might have gathered Marty and I haven’t seen eye to eye and there was I time when I was unceremoniously 86ed off his blog while posting under the handle of “RJ” but that was then. However […]

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Marty Rathbun

Marty and I parted ways a few years back. My conclusion was that he was just another anti-Scientology mouthpiece posing as an “Independent Scientologist” like Mike Rinder who has aligned himself with the Anticult shill and pedophile enabler Tony Ortega. But then he wrote some cogent articles on his blog attacking Ortega and now his […]

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About “Command Intention”

Seems like the concept of “Ideal Orgs” there is another Crashing Misunderstood in Scientology Organizations these days and that is “Command Intention”. Seems every time some Scientology executive wants the public or their subordinate staff to do something they whip out the old hoary phrase that it is “Command Intention” which like “Ideal Orgs” is […]

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