Prologue; Scientology versus the Media

Oh, the furore has been very loud. The AMA, pouring lies
into the press through gnashing teeth persevered for
years-and then went bankrupt. The psychiatrist, riding
high in 1959, hoping to place one of his ilk in a blackmail
position behind every head of state, hoping to consign any
citizen at his whim to a psychiatric Siberia, trying to
preserve his right to kill and maim as a profession above
the law, is today a butt of comic strips. And what of the
FDA that, for fifteen years snarled and snapped about the
E-Meter? One hardly hears of them today. And what of the
mighty Interpol, that tool of CIA? It was found to be a
nest of war criminals hiding out from the law itself.

Oh, one could go on but in each case the enemy has gone
down to defeat in the end. You do not hear much about this
from the running dog press because, of course, they were
the tool of the enemy in the first place.

They lose because they traffic in lies. But, because they
told their lies so broadly, even when they were disproven,
they still tend to hang around and make one feel there
is–there isn’t–an adverse public opinion. The enemy and
their press are not the public: you could ask yourself
why, year after year, fewer and fewer people buy and read
newspapers: people don’t believe them anymore.


March 13, 1982

Ironic that many ex-Scientologists who have since left the Church of Scientology go to what is called the “Mainstream Media” to make their disagreements with the current management known or even to attack the subject in general as if their doing so would have any impact on actual Scientologists.

One wonders if they are trying to “save” family and friends who are still members of the “Cult” as they call it or if they are seeking what Andy Warhol astutely observed was their “fifteen minutes of fame”.

I for example smoke and I’ve found those who most piously want me to end this “wicked habit” are not people who have never smoked but those whom I call “reformed smokers”. Talk about Cults!

Anyway there is a reason for this parallel because it demonstrates how futile the efforts on “reformed Scientologists” are toward the Scientology public in general.

Marty Rathbun pretty much hits a home run by calling these people the Anti-Scientology Cult or ASC which they are by definition especially those who follow Leah Remini and her Cult Classic Aftermath .

One wonders why a cable station calling itself the “Arts & Entertainment Network” would consider that “exposing an insidious cult” by some’s opinion or being directly involved in “religious persecution” by others would consider something like this had anything to do with “art” or would in any way be “entertaining”?

Seems a perversion of both concepts.

Even more incongruous is the fact that the series is supposed to be of the genre known as “Reality Television” yet is being presented on a venue allegedly dealing with the “arts” and “entertainment”.

The word “and” usually is inclusive of the other like say Batman and Robin or Starsky and Hutch etc. Not the same but similar. Maybe it’s just me but I fail to see what reality TV has to do with art even though I can see how it would be entertaining to some.

Maybe they should call it the “Art or Entertainment” Network which would be more honest and less disingenuous.

Having written this I will proceed with how the press and later the Mass Media or Mainstream Media in general has in many ways falsely presented the subject of Scientology. Pretty much from its inception.



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