Scientology and Politics Coda

So did the Church of Scientology or its team of celebrities help in Hillary Clinton’s efforts to become president? Evidence suggests that they sat this election out.

In fact it suggests that Scientologists on a whole supported her opposition candidate Donald Trump.

As the article linked seems to imply. The Church of Scientology has pretty much gotten out of the game of politics though it seems that some Scientologists continue to play. Like for example Joy Villa who shocked the crowd at the Grammies by wearing a dazzling “Make America Great Again” dress.

Of course as with anything related to Scientology there was much controversy as to whether Joy was really a Trump supporter or an opportunist.

A well founded suspicion based on her filing  sexual harassment charges against one of Trump’s former campaign manager.

Of course conspiracy theories, mostly promoted by what Mark Rathbun calls the Anti Scientology Cult, abound that the Church of Scientology was directly involved in this tiff but much like the so called “Russia Collusion” theory any actual evidence is elusive.

Ironically there are many people who think individuals can not independently on behalf of their own self interest and/or beyond that on behalf of wider sphere and believe like the whole Russian Conspiracy Theory believe that people are mindlessly  influenced by nefarious forces outside their such as the thirteen Russian citizens from some internet research group in St Petersburg, Russia recently indicted.

Anyway back to more serious things. Tom Cruise Scientology’s biggest heart throb recently did a movie entitled American Made (a movie I highly recommend) partially exposing the CIA’s involvement in drug smuggling using an airport in Mena Arkansas which at the time was being governed by one William Jefferson Clinton.

The story is actually deeper and darker than what was portrayed in the movie but at least it’s a start and may show a divergence by Scientology’s celebrities away from the Clintons.


2 thoughts on “Scientology and Politics Coda

  1. Nice! William Jefferson Clinton! I didn’t know his name. I saw the movie. Was good. Tom was good. A different kind of role for him.

    I don’t know how Trump would react to Scientology. He is rather unpredictable.


  2. Personally I don’t think the Don cares. As far as I’m concerned it’s what Marty calls the ASC or AntiScientology Cult working themselves up.

    Freedom of Religion as memorialized in the First Amendment is one of our most sacred tenets even if the “Religion” in question has been subverted by the deep state.


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