Scientology and Politics Part IV

One finds, hanging around the easel of the painter, women who are “artistic” but who are, so far as their actual conduct is concerned, seeking not to create anything but to escape the name which is rightly theirs. One finds some poor young fellow who could have been a fine architect educated into the Great-Art-Can-Only-Be-Done-By-Moral-Lepers School. These observations are brought to the attention of the auditor for just one reason: the individuals of greatest potential worth that he will process will probably be artists. He will do well to address thoroughly all the “education” and “artistic environment” of the artists and would-be artists, whether writers, composers, poets or painters, because here he will find the track strewn with entheta. If the auditor wishes to rehabilitate an aesthetic mind, he must address all the entheta which has accumulated around the subject of aesthetics. No more authoritarian field exists, since none of the principles of aesthetics have been accurately formulated, and it is an axiom of Dianetics that the less is accurately known about a field of the humanities the more authoritarian will be that field. Any field which has critics galore, wherein a thousand different schools of divergent opinion can exist, where opinion is listened to with open mouths in lieu of reason by which any man can reach a conclusion, is an authoritarian field. Aesthetics, unfortunately, abounds in these critics and opinions.

The whole field of arts is thus enturbulated, and the artistry of the culture is thereby greatly reduced. The rehabilitation of the art-ability of a culture is a tremendously valid undertaking, and will repay a thousand times any effort made in that direction. A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists. When the level of existence of the artist becomes impure, so becomes impure the art itself, to the deterioration of the society. It is a dying society indeed into which can penetrate totalitarianism. The group aesthetic mind of that society must be almost wholly unable to operate. No society in which art was elevated and supported, in which the writer, the musician, the poet, or the architect had any stability or position, would tolerate the work-dog theory of man’s highest destination. For if the industry and commerce and material projects of a nation are carried on the backs of a few able, desperate men, then the honor and the glory of that society is carried and enhanced by the artist.

Science of Survival Chapter 18 “Level of Mind Alert” page 226

Cases exist in which the individual is so unaberrated that, though he is endowed with enough free theta to make him a tremendous asset to the society, he still has sonic and visio (being already at the 3.5 range on the Tone Scale). It is far from true that a person to be ofworth to the society must be highly aberrated and must have his recalls cut off, since in such an aberrated state he is likely to be so low on the Tone Scale that his positive worth to the society (which would be realized were he at 3.0 on the Tone Scale or above) becomes a liability and his aberrations violently affect his environment and bring about its destruction. Such persons are the dictators who lead their countries to ruin through war, the artists who through their grossness and vulgarity destroy the mores of a race and so destroy the race.

Science of Survival Chapter 10 “Sonic” page 81

What’s past is prologue

The Tempest, Act 2, Scene I.

William Shakespeare


As I’ve noted earlier I’d observed an unhealthy infatuation by Scientology celebrities with the Democratic Party and the Clinton Administration in particular. Id est John Travolta who would star in the movie Primary Colors based on the book by the same title  originally by “Anonymous” later revealed as James Jennings with the fictional character Jack Stanton who was astoundingly similar to the current occupant of the White House at the time which was one William Jefferson Clinton.

Both the book and the movie presented Clinton as a likable rogue.  Something that came in handy at the time as he was facing impeachment for lying about his affair with the White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

Probably an even better book in my opinion is probably Lucky Bastard by former spook Charles McCarry unsurprisingly never made into a movie but I digress.

Anyway it is possible that Primary Colors helped Clinton escape conviction after impeachment by giving the impression that he was just a harmless philandering good ‘ol boy from Arkansas who was suffered from bouts of infidelity.

Interestingly his wife was presented as a Machiavellian, conniving, female version of an Imminence Gris who to a large degree was responsible for his success as a politician. The actual power behind the throne.

Seem familiar?

So much was the perception that Hillary was responsible for his “successes” as a President that many referred to the dynamic duo as “Billary” or “HillBilly”.

By success I mean efforts to cover up scandal and criminality by making witnesses of any wrong doing perpetrated by the two or separately come to an early and unfortunate demise.

Take the case of Vincent Foster who allegedly came to an abrupt end by “suicide”. Of course the incongruity of finding 9 mm bullet lodged in his brain fired from an antique 45 Calibre Colt.

Seems even then as now Hillary Clinton had the FBI in her pocket currently for her “extremely careless” handling of classified files that would have meant a prison sentence for mere mortals such as ourselves.

Anyhoo we know that the love affair with the Clintons and their Administration especially their State Department with its evil Secretary of State Madeleine Albright who saw nothing wrong with sacrificing over a hundred thousand Iraqi children to malnutrition and disease through sanctions.

In fact Freedom Magazine seemed to act as cheerleaders for the KLA or the Kosovo Liberation Army a faction of Islamic Terrorists, Drug Smugglers and Human Traffickers who were breaking away from Serbia.

At some point I’ll go into detail on the above but suffice it to say that Bill’s Treasury Department rewarded the Church by reinstitution of its Tax Exempt status. Something it had from 1958 until 1967 when it was arbitrarily revoked under the Johnson Administration.

Again I’ve gone over how the formerly “Secret Closing Agreement” wasn’t really that great of a deal. No need to repeat myself here.

Moving on.

The question is was the Church of Scientology or at least members of Church involved “the biz” giving a helping hand in Hillary’s bid for the presidency? Something I will take up in my next installment.



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