Scientology and Politics Part III

There undoubtedly exists a formula for the speed and advance of ideas. For example, a man named Ibsen, by writing a few plays, wildly altered, single-handedly; the entire cultural aspect of Scandinavia within a few years. Ideas and not battles mark the forward progress of Mankind. Individuals and not masses form the culture of the race. On a lesser scale, actors and other artists work continually to give tomorrow a new form. Hollywood makes a picture which strikes the public fancy and tomorrow we have girls made up like a star, walking along the streets of the small towns of America. A Hollywood interior decorator dresses a set which takes the eye of the American audience and tomorrow that set is seen as the apartments of Miami Beach and other resorts. A culture is as rich and as capable ofsurviving as it has imaginative artists, skilled men of sdence, a high ethic level, workable government, land and natural resources, in about that order of importance.

Chapter 15 Reality (Agreement)

Science of Survival


Sometime in the early half of the twentieth century Hollywood became the center of the movie industry that originally began in New York city. The reason for the transfer of is obvious. It was the climate. Production companies only had six months of good weather in the upper eastern coast of the nation whereas here in the sunny southern California they could film all year.

I won’t go into detailed account of the film and later the entertainment industry which later would become known colloquially as “the biz”. I only write this to say that Scientology became an intricate part of it.

Back in 1950 a Glendale Chiropractor by the name of J Burton Farber would found the first Church of Scientology on Alvarado near Sixth Street in Los Angeles which would become the “Mother Church” of the new religion and would eventually move to the Cedars Complex on East Hollywood between Sunset Boulevard and Fountain Avenue.

Much of Scientology, including its International Headquarters is centered in Hollywood including Celebrity Centre International which caters to celebrities and artists.

One wonders if it has been the Church of Scientology that has influenced the Hollywood crowd or that it is vice versa.

I remember my wife and I sitting in outdoor cafe just outside of what many Scientologists call “the Complex” and our friend at the time the dearly departed Amanda Ambrose telling us about Scientology’s effort to directly influence the then president William Jefferson Clinton.

Personally I thought it was a bad idea but I withheld my concerns about what seemed to be an all out effort by Scientology celebrities to make friends with the new Administration in the White House which included an effort spearheaded by Scientology best known celebrity at the time John Travolta.

My concerns were not unfounded. The fact is that Ron himself reached out to the “New Frontier” Kennedy Administration and as I’ve written earlier was “rewarded” with a raid conducted by the FDA on the Founding Church of Scientology of Washington DC.

Just over a decade later. History would repeat itself and under the Carter Administration the Church of Scientology’s offices would be raided once again this time by the FBI!

The common denominator here was that both Administrations were then controlled by a Democrat. Yet for some reason it seemed that maybe they thought the third time would be a charm.

To me both Bill and Hillary represented the level on the Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation known as “Covert Hostility” especially the point where the person talks “apparent theta but intent vicious” and that the Church being led by the nose by the Hollywood crowd who seemed to have undue influence over what direction they were heading in!

Before I go on let us step back here.

One studies the history of Hollywood and one finds that many of them are real suckers for “apparent theta” and totally ignore the actual “intent” behind the facade that may indeed be “vicious”.

Take the internationalist Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat, who not only helped to set the course for the disastrous Second World War but also set race relations here in America back almost a century.

The Klu Klux Klan was practically moribund since many state legislatures were beginning to legislate against their racist and terrorist activities. Yet it was Wilson who with the help of Hollywood at the time who almost singlehandedly resurrected its rotting corpse by personally promoting through the White House D. W. Griffith’s Birth of a Nation based on Thomas Dixon’s book The Clansman: An Historical Romance of the Ku Klux Klan!

Not only that but would also he would enlist the Hollywood illuminati at the time urging America into his internationalist crusade of making the world safe for democracy by entering into the folly of the First World War!

Much of this history has already been written. So I won’t dwell on it here only to point out a pattern that seems to be repeated by Hollywood and would later infect the Church of Scientology.

We go forward to the latter decade of the Twentieth Century and the Clinton administration who like Wilson would set race relations back another century and set America on the road again to another international conflagration this time in the Middle East while making the Church of Scientology and Hollywood willing accomplices.

More to come.



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