Scientology and Politics Part II




Now and then you hear me speak derisively of governments and ideologies- including democracy.

If, by seeing I criticize an ideology, anyone seeks to believe I embrace its opposite, he has failed to get the point.

What political system could work amongst very aberrated people?

A democracy or a communism would be a huge joke in an insane asylum. Well, isn’t it?

The basic building block of any political system is the individual. One can seek to avoid this point by conceiving of the masses. But you can’t have masses which aren’t made up of single units. Therefore the single unit is the basis of a mass.

No political system applied to a colony of monkeys would have anything to govern but monkeys. That’s plain, certainly.

A political system seeking to function amongst ignorant, illiterate and bar- baric people could have marvelous principles but could only succeed in being ignorant, illiterate and barbaric unless one addressed the people one by one and cured the ignorance, illiteracy and barbarism of each citizen.

The collective think of apes is ape-think. A fascism led by and applied to idiots would be idiot-fascism.

So there is no reason to suppose any political system is any better than those who use it to govern or be governed.

The only difference in existing systems of politics is their relative values in giving the individual a chance to develop and receive a higher level of personal sanity and ability.

That rules out any system which witch hunts, freezes opportunity or sup- presses the right to improve by any workable system or suppresses a workable system.

Watching the US and Australia fight Scientology with blind fury while sup- porting oppressive mental and religious practices proves that democracy, applied to and used by aberrated people, is far from an ideal activity and is only aber- rated democracy.

Every human has in common with every other human the same reactive bank. This is the most they have in common.

The reactive bank-unconscious mind, whatever you care to call it – suppresses all decent impulses and enforces the bad ones.

Therefore a democracy is a collective-think of reactive banks. Popular opinion is bank opinion.

Any human group is likely to elect only those who will kill them. That’s concluded from actual 1950 experiments.

The group succeeds only by the efforts of individuals who rise above their banks and do their best for their fellows despite the vicious character of groups and the idiot nature of collective-think.

Believe in the individual being and work with him and you will find he is basically good.

Work only with a group and you work with collective-think which is basi- cally bank and therefore evil.

Scientology gives us our first chance to have a real democracy.

By freeing from the worst aberrations each individual, one then achieves a group which doesn’t react only on bank and which will be, like the individual, basically good.

For the bank was made to keep people who were not bad from going bad. It was a mistake. So it is bad.

We prove daily in Scientology that an individual freed of aberrations reacts more decently toward his fellows and that an individual, restimulated, acts worse; we prove that the individual under stress of aberration is unreasonable and an individual freed is bright.

So we can conclude on actual evidence that the first true democracy will emerge when we have freed each individual of the more vicious reactive im- pulses. Such beings can reason, can agree on decent and practical measures and be depended upon to evolve beneficial measures.

Until we have done that we will continue to be critical of human “democracy” -and any other political philosophy advanced upon man as a cure for his ills.

A political philosophy can’t audit. We can.

And don’t be so sensitive to popular reaction. Just get on with making a saner world and it will all come out all right.



Ron avoided the fray of politics or of supporting one political party over another. He left as one can see in the previous article that up to the individual Scientology. 

There was only one time that I’m aware of that he admonished against voting for a particular candidate:


A person named Richard M. Nixon will enter his name this Fall at a convention as a citizen aspiring to the Presidency of the United States. Many Scientologists think he is all right because I once quoted him. This is very far from the facts and I hasten to give you the real story why Richard M. Nixon must be prevented at all costs from becoming president.

Two years ago in Washington this man’s name appeared in a newspaper article as uttering an opinion about psychology. I called attention to this opinion as a matter of banal interest in an article.

Shortly two members of the United States Secret Service, stating they had been sent directly by Nixon, entered the establishment of the Founding Church of Washington, D.C., armed with pistols, but without warrant or formal complaint, and with foul and abusive language threatened the girls on duty there.

Hulking over desks, shouting violently, they stated that they daily had to make such calls on “lots of people” to prevent Nixon’s name from being used in ways Nixon disliked.

These two men stated they were part of Nixon’s office and were acting on his express orders. They said that Nixon believed in nothing the Founding Church or Scientology stood for.

Their conduct before the ladies present was so intolerable that Mary Sue, having heard the shouting and curses from her office, had to come and force these men to leave, which they finally did, but only after she threatened to call the police.

As Scientologists were present, much information was obtained, of course, from these agents as to their routine activities. These were not creditable. Nixon constantly used the service against the voteless and helpless people of Washington to suppress the use of his name.

I am informing you of an exact event. It convinced me that in my opinion Nixon is not fitted to be a president. I do not believe any public figure has a right to suppress the use of his name in articles. I do not believe a public figure should enforce his will on writers or organizations by use of the Secret Service. I believe a democracy ceases to exist when deprived of freedom of speech. I do not believe any man closely connected with psychiatry should hold a high public office since psychiatry has lent its violence to political purposes.

Would you please write your papers and tell your friends that Nixon did this and that his actions against private people in Washington cause us to defy his cravings to be president.

It’s my hope you’ll vote and make your friends vote. But please don’t vote for Nixon. Even his own Secret Service agents assure us he stands for nothing we do.

I do not tell you this because Mary Sue came close to serious injury at Nixon’s hands. I tell you this because I think psychiatry and all Fascist-Commie forces have had their day.


We want clean hands in public office in the United States. Let’s begin by doggedly denying Nixon the presidency no matter what his Secret Service tries to do to us now in Washington. It is better, far better, for us to run the risk of saying this now, while there’s still a chance, than to fail to tell you of it for fear of reprisals and then be wiped out without defence by the Secret Service or other agency if Nixon became president. He hates us and has used what police force was available to him to say so. So please get busy on it. I am only telling a few friends.

 L. Ron Hubbard


He considered Nixon such an existential threat that he urged his Franchise Holders at the time to campaign against him.

Nixon lost by an incredibly narrow margin in 1960 election. So one could say that Ron and the Church of Scientology definitely had some influence.

Of course as we all know how Kennedy thanked them for their campaign against his opponent by having his FDA raid the Founding Church of Scientology of Washington DC.

That’s gratitude for you!

Years later Ron took a second look at these period of time and wrote the following Freedom article:


Every nation has had its disastrous public officials at one time or another. Russia had Stalin, Germany had Hitler, England had Cromwell and the United States had J. Edgar Hoover.

My first contact with J. Edgar began in the early 30s.

Having made a balled up mess out of Prohibition, which had now ended, J. Edgar was in very great need of publicity.

The Justice Department ran on the theory that if they could get enough columns of print they could get enough Congressional appropriation to expand into a national police force.

Accordingly they contacted writers’ organizations and offered to put all writers through their “G-man” school.

Several writers, under one pen name or another, went down and popped .357 Magnum revolvers at bobbing picture targets and examined dead dummies that had just been “murdered” to solve the “crime.” But in general to be lectured at about how great J. Edgar was and how invincible were “G-men” and how vital it was for the Justice Department to run a national police force and hunt down people they designated as Public Enemies by number-No. 1, No. 2, etc.

When queried as to who designated them and on what evidence, J. Edgar says his bosses did and as to evidence, that was a secondary matter. He said that these writers should write stories about “G-men” and the Justice Department would be glad to give them anything they wanted.

Well, it worked. Even a magazine called “G-men” appeared.

But I began to wonder about J. Edgar and his bosses at the Justice Department.

In World War 11, the Justice Department took over counterintelligence for America and pretty well disbanded the Office of Naval Intelligence and other agencies.

As a naval officer I had only a couple of contacts with them. One had to do with another officer losing a $7.50 telephone, resulting in the ripping apart of a whole ship. (They didn’t find it.) The other involved the discovery of a sodium bomb in a box of torpedo detonators. A sodium bomb soaks up water from the air and explodes when the ship is at sea. I asked that the cargo be unloaded and was refused. They said it really wasn’t a sodium bomb. But then I offered to throw it in the water you never saw G-men scatter so fast.

In 1950 it was pretty obvious that American churches were being infiltrated, a fact later confirmed by a Congressional committee.

I dropped in to J. Edgar’s office and soon was talking to the head of anticommunist operations. And was told sorrowfully, “There is nothing you can do about communists.”

This, coming from the counterintelligence agency of the US was quite inter- esting, especially since J. Edgar reported in 1919 how very dangerous it was to America.

Such things made me interested in the Justice Department and their star J. Edgar Hoover.

Now that time has passed and archives are beginning to leak data hitherto under heavy wraps, other people are exposing this department.

But in the main, the departmental crimes they are showing up, while serious enough, are not summarizing the depths of infamy to which this department has sunk.

Crime rates have climbed and climbed and soared and America has not prospered.

But under all this real crimes have been done.

In the 1930s John L. Lewis was the head of the powerful labor union CIO (Congress of Industrial Organizations) as well as the United Mine Workers. Such was his power that he almost defeated Roosevelt in his final term as president. Lewis shut off coal in the US and forced conversion of even railroads to oil (in which Lewis had a heavy personal interest). The coal upset was a heavy blow to industry and transport soon to enter World War II.

The Justice Department looked on benignly while all this was going on. Yet it was recently revealed that John L. Lewis was number C180lL of the German Intelligence Service- the Abwehr.

During this period an FBI agent named Leon G. Turrou collided with and wrapped up a Nazi spy ring in America-about the only one the Justice Department ever did wrap up. MI5 of England had found out and tipped the FBI and Turrou got the assignment-and did a fine job on it. This was the Griebl-Voss- Hofman-Rumrich ring. They were all connected.

The Justice Department promptly fired Turrou!

Asked why, J. Edgar glowered, “He wrote a book about it!”

But that is not the reason. The story of “resigning” is in the book. The dismissal obviously happened before he wrote it.

Then much bigger news turned up about the Justice Department.

The shock of Pearl Harbor and the “lack of warning” was a mystery to anyone in intelligence from the day it happened until recently.

In the official UK government publication The Double-Cross System in the War of 1939 to 1945 and in the recently released book Spy/Counterspy by the ace British agent Dusko Popov reveal that in AUGUST of 1941,four months before Pearl Harbor, J. Edgar Hoover was personally fully and officially informed of the intended Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, how it would be done and when AND DID NOT ADVISE HIS GOVERNMENT.

There is no need to stress how many lives this cost or how it destroyed the Pacific fleet!

Looking a bit further at this department and their omni-god Hoover, one encounters the fact that the FBI knew all about Lee Harvey Oswald. G-man, James P. Hosty, Jr. of the 75-man FBI office in Dallas had his file, knew he was murderous, vengeful, knew he worked at the Texas School Book Depository, knew that that place was on the parade route of President John F. Kennedy and knew that Dallas was seething. But the Justice Department didn’t inform Kennedy’s bodyguards or even exercise their own rule book obligation to protect the president.

And on November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was brutally mur- dered by Lee Harvey Oswald firing from his known place of work.

Then during the remaining 60s the Justice Department even bettered their roaring crime rate by adding organized crime and drugs to the national ills.

Their antitrust and drug sections vividly ignored the chief drug pushers of America-the AMA and their APA branch psychiatrists, and stood by whistling while school kids were ordered onto speed and pills to form the basis of a drug culture.

No-knock raids and shooting people in the back became the order of the day.

The Justice Department had moved from catastrophe by omission to actual chaos-creation.

During the riots of the 60s, the Justice Department could be counted on to discourage or charge local police who sought to handle.

This finally built up to labeling as “dissident” any organization or church that sought to stem the avalanche of disaster engulfing the country.

Manufacturing dossiers for public leaders who had none but whom the Justice Department did not like, they set organizations against organizations and promoted chaos wherever possible. Their list of thousands of men and groups they secretly attacked reads like Who’s Who-and indeed is becoming a sort of honor roll.

The Justice Department had now become a carbon copy of a Nazi secret police force.

It was found that it forwarded false dossiers on Americans abroad to get them in trouble.

Its channel was Interpol, the Nazi group, that J. Edgar has joined despite objections of Congress.

Ah, well, now it all begins to make some sense.

Anger at an agent who would dare clean up German spies, permitting Pearl Harbor, protecting German psychiatrists, subjecting the country and its better- known opinion leaders to a reign of terror, even the assassination of a far too liberal president all bear the stamp of just one thing: a secret love of fascism and a knowing or unknowing patterning of its actions on fascist lines has led the Justice Department not only to protect Hoover but to perpetuate him.

Probably Justice Department clerks, lawyers and even “G-men” do not consciously realize where they have been led.

A department that favors such sentiments and tactics will always breed crime and lawlessness.

Fascism and secret police do not belong in the American scene.

It is quite wonderful to see those people mouthing concern about crime and revolt.

They are breeding, starting and fostering it with their raw naked vengeful- ness against the American people.

The country, one cannot help but see, would get along just fine without any Department of “Justice.”

The appropriations it obtains by exhibiting the crime it does not handle and the unrest and spirit of revolt it generates should be cut off totally before it takes over all the police forces in the country and we have a fascism complete, total and in earnest.

But anyway, one mystery is solved.

All his years, Mr. Hoover hunted relentlessly for “Public Enemy No. 1.” As crime soared higher and higher during his reign the search apparently was in vain.

But what do you know? Now after all the archives have been opened at least we know who was Public Enemy No. 1. It was J. Edgar Hoover!


“Freedom” February 23 1975

There have been books written about the incongruities surrounding the Kennedy assassination. Personally I will not go into whether Oswald was the lone assassin or the possibility that he was assisted by a special team. All I’ll it is interesting that the Old Man would place the FBI at the top of the suspect list especially in light of what is happening today in regard to the what has been called the Nunes’ Memo.

Here we see an actual effort to overthrow a Constitutionally elected President of the US by:

Manufacturing dossiers for public leaders who had none but whom the Justice Department did not like, they set organizations against organizations and promoted chaos wherever possible. Their list of thousands of men and groups they secretly attacked reads like Who’s Who-and indeed is becoming a sort of honor roll.

What has been exposed here is a bloodless coup. A change of tactics for what is called the Deep State which includes the FBI. One many suspect began with Richard M Nixon. An interesting book on this topic was written by former member or members of the Church of Scientology entitled Watergate the Hoax.

Before this was two books by the title of Secret Agenda and Silent Coup.

Currently it seems that not only were the forces of the Deep State and the FBI involved in a coup as before but were also deeply involved in getting their chosen candidate elected.

As it turns out the “coup” was merely an “insurance policy” in case the opposing candidate ever got elected despite their support and they’re lap dog media outlets who endorsed their candidate one hundred to one!

Who was this chosen candidate?

Are You Ready for Hillary

As I discussed earlier it seems that the elite and various pundits had decided that the American public was not quite ready for Hillary so they replaced her with a mild mannered Afro-American by the name of Barak Obama who was quite popular and who was elected not once but twice in an electoral landslide against his opponents.

A true African American whose mother was an American nurse and whose father was an African diplomat.

Anyway I’m not here to dwell on Obama’s presidency. My only point here that the Primary between Obama and Clinton was hotly contested with Hillary refusing to concede until a back door deal was struck in some smoke filled room.

That “deal” many suspect was to give Clinton the consolation prize as Secretary of State, a position she would use to her financial advantage as the well documented Clinton Cash seems to imply. Fortified by the recents revelations by Wikileaks, and then help her win the next election after Obama’s two terms.

Probably hoping against hope that the Nation would be “ready for Hillary”. Of course Hillary Clinton made even Richard Nixon look like a paragon of virtue when her various crimes were revealed by the afore mention sources.

It also turns out that she was so mad about the revelations presented in Wikileaks that she proposed “droning” its founder Julian Assange!

Yet this was the FBI and the Deep State’s chosen candidate. One who even considered murdering a whistle blower with a hell fire missile launched from a drone and one who was suspiciously connected to the untimely deaths of others who may have blown the whistle on her.

In the next part I will discuss the Church of Scientology’s relationship to the Clintons. You may not want to miss this.




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