False Flags

False Flag is almost interchangeable with False Colors which back in the day of sailing ships that an enemy would fly the color of enemy or the ally of that enemy in order to lure them in to battle.

As time went on it was used to describe any act of deception including but not limited to false or fake ID used by intelligence operatives.

The context or sense that it is mostly used these days could be more accurately labeled as False Flag Terrorism which is an action taken by the Government or rogue elements within the Government to bring about a state of war with another nation or what are called “non state actors” who they claim are financed and funded by some “hostile” nation.

Of course the mainstream media which for the most part has become a propaganda agency for the Government or some faction within the Government known as the “deep state” dismisses such an idea as “conspiracy theory” a term that has been weaponized by that same agency we call the mainstream media.

They poo poo the idea that for example John F Kennedy’s assassination was a covert coup instigated by rogue elements within the agency despite documented evidence coming to light that this just may the case.

In other words the suspicions about Kennedy’s murder go beyond mere theory and can be supported by actual documents released through the Freedom of Information Act!

There is also evidence to suggest that the cardinal sin Richard M Nixon committed which got him ousted out of office in what some a “silent coup” was not what is referred to as Watergate but his insistence of exposing CIA’s involvement in his previous predecessor’s death which he called the “Bay of Pigs” which went beyond that failed Agency operation.

It is ironic that Nixon after resigning in disgrace was replaced by Gerald Ford who was one of the members of the Warren Commission.

Years later. We learn the actual meaning of the term in a brilliant historical series on the Kennedy assassination by John M Newman.


What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas


Was what happened in Las Vegas a “false flag” event? Anyone who would suggest such a thing is immediately labeled a conspiracy theorist. Others say one is disrespecting the dead since people did actually die but suggesting that it was “false flag” doesn’t dispute this fact.

For instance many people died during what was called 911 which many suspect was a false flag like Pearl Harbor.

However suspicion is one thing and facts are another. Yet it seems the facts about what happened in Vegas are somewhat transmutable and ephemeral.

Leaving any serious observer to ask more questions than find actual answers much like 911.

First how did this lone gunman get all those weapons on the thirty second floor without being noticed?

We’re not talking about a carefully concealed sniper’s rifle but over twenty weapons found in his room.

Since I brought up the subject of sniper rifles. Another question is why would the gun man use a gun allegedly an AR 15 equipped or modified with a bump stock?

First an AR 15 is not an accurate rifle for long distances since it was designed for close combat situations. Secondly using a gimmick like “bump stock” reduces its accuracy even further.

Something like Oswald’s Mannlicher Carcano.

Of course many people unfamiliar with fire arms wouldn’t question the “fact” according to the LVMPD and the FBI that a lone gunman firing a gun beyond it’s effective range using a gimmick such as bump stock reducing its accuracy even more was able to reign so much death and cause more than five hundred casualties firing somewhere between two to three thousand rounds and wound or kill what would be considered a battalion in military terms.

Someone like this would make the comic character Sergeant Fury seem like a rank amateur!

Talk about an “army of one”!

Yet this is just one of the many incongruities they ask us to accept on faith much like 911 where we are told by authoritative media  that according to the official conspiracy theory nineteen hijackers were able to hijack planes using nothing but box cutters which they somehow managed to get past metal detectors and miraculously caused the complete destruction of World Trade Centers One, Two and Seven and severely damage the Pentagon.

There is a strange parallel here that goes beyond the unexplained or shall we say inadequately explained as one independent journalist pointed out.

Take the name of the venue Route or Highway 91 Harvest Festival a three day concert that was attacked on October or the Tenth Month on the First Day which comes out to 91101.

Is somebody sending us a message or was that merely a coincidence?


Other Strange “Coincidences” and Parallels


Another strange coincidence was the fact that the deaths or shall we say sacrifices occurred near the base a huge pyramid. The Luxor to be precise. Also over to the left when one faced the Luxor were two large pillars like two twin towers facing the crowd from an incomplete construction project.

Coincidences that weren’t so strange verging on the metaphysical was the fact that the CEO of the Mandalay Bay sold off over eighty percent of his stock just over a month  before a alleged lone gunman allegedly opened fire on reveling concert goers from its thirty second floor.

Not to mention the fact that disaster capitalist George Soros had placed puts on Mandalay Bay and MGM stock just prior to the incident and that an obscure company by the the name of OSI involved in placing security devises was set to literally make a killing in LasVegas by installing metal detectors and back scatter X-ray devises in sin city.

Many saw it as in the case of earlier mass shootings for congress to further infringe on that Amendment of our Constitution, the one that specially says “shall not be infringed” but despite a desultory effort to outlaw “bump stocks” and for some strange reason silencers which strangely if used may have reduced the number of deaths and casualties by virtue of the fact that suppressors as they’re more accurately called reduce the muzzle velocity of the bullet in order to suppress its supersonic shock wave. Meaning that if these rounds were fired from the thirty second floor of Mandalay Bay at that distance they would not have been as deadly as they supposedly were since the reduction of speed would have reduced their effectiveness at that great a distance and altitude.

Yet instead of the usual jihad against firearms was this effort by various casinos in the Las Vegas area to instal the latest and greatest in security screening equipment much like what happened at Airports across the country in the aftermath of 911.

Yes keeping us “safe” has become big business. Even if they have to kill us to achieve this objective!

On that I will end with a quote by Ron:


(T)here are in our civilization some very disturbing elements. These disturbing elements are the Merchants of Chaos. They deal in confusion and upset. Their daily bread is made by creating chaos. If chaos were to lessen, so would their incomes. It is to their interest to make the environment seem as threatening as possible, for only then can they profit. Their incomes, force, and power rise in direct ratio to the amount of threat they can inject into the surroundings of the people.

From the Book New Slant on Life.






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