What Happened in Vegas?

I was going to review another book but it seems another mass shooting. This time in Las Vegas.

As usual the anti- Second Amendment folks immediately  began demanding “gun control” until many of us on twitter pointed out the fact that the shooter seemed to be using an automatic weapon and that such weapons have been highly restricted since the signing of the Sullivan Act of 1936 and are not found in gun stores.

In other words the only way the shooter would have had access to such a weapon is if he raided a Military Armory or managed to comply with the mountain of restrictions placed by the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms on obtaining such a weapon which are virtually impossible for the average gun user to meet and then be willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars for a rifle that would be classified as full automatic also known as a machine gun as the first reports on the shooting would indicate.

That is until leaked photos days later by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department “leaked” photos showing that the shooter was using what is called a “bump stock” which is a legal attachment used “simulate” automatic fire.

The only problem is that these photos show these rifles with “bump stocks” attached mounted on bipods which would prevent to “bump stock” from actually working properly.

So what really happened in Vegas seems to be staying in Vegas at least for the time being yet the narrative seems to be falling apart.

Watch this presentation by Mike Adams.

Sad that this latest shooting that killed fifty eight Americans and injured hundreds more may have been politically or financially motivated.

Cui Bono?


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