Some Comments About 911

Many of us are waiting with baited breath for the release of the JFK assassination files and I will do an in-depth article once they are released to the public. In the meantime I’d like to revisited a more recent event and that is 911. I’ll admit to those who don’t already know that I […]

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False Flags

False Flag is almost interchangeable with False Colors which back in the day of sailing ships that an enemy would fly the color of enemy or the ally of that enemy in order to lure them in to battle. As time went on it was used to describe any act of deception including but not […]

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What Happened in Vegas?

I was going to review another book but it seems another mass shooting. This time in Las Vegas. As usual the anti- Second Amendment folks immediately ┬ábegan demanding “gun control” until many of us on twitter pointed out the fact that the shooter seemed to be using an automatic weapon and that such weapons have […]

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