How Trump Won

I’ve been reading a lot lately and I thought for fun I’d do a review of some of them.

How Trump Won is the story of how a billionaire and real estate by the name of Donald Trump with very little political experience was able to completely trounce “the most qualified candidate in history” Hillary Clinton.

Yes, yes we are told that she dubiously “won” the popular vote but the fact is that America is a republic and not a democracy and the President is elected by an Electoral College NOT by a popular vote which is the reason why Hillary Clinton lost.

Trump the political amateur obviously understood this fact whereas “the most qualified candidate in history” obviously didn’t bother to read the Constitution!

But any way the book goes into a deeper analysis of how Trump won as seen through the eyes of an amateur pollster and historian Larry Schweikert. A man who foresaw Trump’s victory back in 2015 when he first announced his candidacy.

Again another amateur who bet against all the paid pundits, pollsters and the mainstream media who were convinced that Hillary Clinton was a sure winner.

The book is a fascinating read but it misses one key point that doomed Clinton and that is that a majority of Americans polled were convinced that James Comey the former head of the FBI had committed an injustice by failing to indict and prosecute Hillary Clinton for her “extremely careless” handling of classified material that she kept on her on private server while Secretary of State.

A story that is given in greater detail in a book by HA Goodman that I will review at another time due the complexity of the issue.

Let me just say that the chance of any candidate seeking higher office with that much baggage and a majority of the American public wanting to see her prosecuted would set up a Constitutional Crisis that would make Watergate look like a Sunday picnic!

Yet this factor was omitted from the final analysis understandably because it is a book about How Trump Won and not why Hillary lost.

That said. The book is an exciting read from a historical perspective on an incredible and what seemed to be at the time an “unconventional” campaign only because political campaigns these days rarely involve taking to the actual voters in different States and taking up their various concerns which is the way Trump campaigned.

His was an old school but at one time traditional whistle stop campaign updated with an aircraft instead of a train.

Trump used his own personal plane to visit parts of the country that politicians seeking higher office in the recent past have ignored and avoided while Clinton was off in New York or California “getting out the vote” and totally ignoring what the arrogant media and pundits call “fly over country”.

She was so certain of her victory in what was the “blue wall” those States that had voted the Democratic ticket for several decades that she never bothered campaigning there. At least until her pollsters and pundits began telling her there may be a problem that she made a last ditch effort to recapture them.

But in the final analysis it was too little too late.

In other words he was seeking a victory in the Electoral College and not seeking the popular vote in these populace rich States.

Thus he avoided California and New York which he already knew Clinton had “cinched” though even this possibility is in question by the rampant voter fraud which was becoming evident before the election was over.

For instance here in Los Angeles County the vote tallies according to Judicial Watch where over 100% of all voters registered in the county!

Other discrepancies were reported in other states as well.

Throwing Clinton’s assertion that she “won the popular vote” into question.

Not that it matters really since as I wrote earlier we are a republic not a democracy and our President is elected by an Electoral College.

Even so Clinton and her supporters demanded a recount using a surrogate by the name of Jill Stein former Green Party candidate who questioned the result of the election and claimed she wanted to ensure that every vote counted but only requested a recount in States that Trump won.

No surprise that the recount failed but what was even worse for the Clinton camp was that it was revealing voter fraud in various counties in mostly urban areas that Clinton had won.

The next step was for the woman who said that “those who question the results of an election are threat to democracy “ was to overtly using her star power in Hollywood to try and influence the Electoral College.

Whereas the recount failed this effort was an unmitigated catastrophe and despite the fact that her obnoxious supporters actually made death threats to the Electors she gained the distinction of being the first Presidential Candidate to lose more Electors than any other candidate in close to one hundred and forty years!

Despite her ignoble defeat she still continues to whine in her latest book What Happened that it was everybody else’s fault and not her own.

Maybe someday we’ll be lucky to see the last of Hillary Clinton and she will at some point fade into history.


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