Rogue Spooks by Dick Morris

Another fascinating book is Dick Morris’ Rogue Spooks.

Dick has been a political player for quite a number of years when he became an advisor and campaign manger to Bill Clinton who managed to steer the public around the minefield of Clinton’s various affairs and get him elected with the simple message “it’s the economy stupid” which sank the chances of George H W Bush being elected for a second term.

Over the years though Dick became disillusioned with the Clinton clan. So disillusioned in fact that her wrote a book entitled Armageddon where he compared Hillary Clinton to a dark political force being foisted on the nation. Needless to say for good reason when one reads the plethora of internal emails released by Wikileaks of Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta and the earlier emails known as the DNC Leaks that show the efforts of the Democratic National Committee to rig the results of the recent primary which resulted in her being coronated as the candidate.

As we know despite the best efforts of the former president and hacks in his administration to assure Hillary Clinton’s victory in the election and the help of George Soros’ Open Society who just happened to own the company Smartmatic involved in tabulating the election results in sixteen states she lost in one of the biggest electoral upsets in recent history!

Many Americans can thank the rather arcane and little known Electoral College for saving us from the likes of Hillary Clinton.

Back to Dick’s excellent book Rogue Spooks. The book itself concentrates on the largely debunked hypothesis that the Russians under Putin their President somehow was able to influence the election in favor of Donald Trump. Really an absurd case of the Pot accusing the Kettle of being black especially when one studies the history of CIA’s various efforts to overthrow elections covered well in William Blum’s masterful book Killing Hope. One I will review separately at some point.

Here the Russians and before them the Soviets were rank amateurs when compared to the  CIA’s ability to undermine and overthrow the Democratic process!

Not to say that the Cheka who would later become the KGB then SVC were pikers in the field of espionage but they were no match to the US in political operations especially those developed by the Office of Policy Coordination which began its life under the State Department and was later transferred to CIA under the DCI at the time General Bedell Smith in the early fifties.

Who would have thought that the same techniques devised by the mad political scientists of OPC against democratic regimes that would show favoritism toward the Soviets or had decided to commit the sin of remaining unaligned in the cold war would be used right here in America?

Yet even a superficial glance of what are called political operations reveals this to be the case even before the current president set foot in the oval office and continues now in what could be called a “silent coup” being conducted by deep state operatives who are operating much like the stay behind factions of Operation Gladio.

The fact is that the effort to undermine the presidency began long before the poorly sourced and laughable “Russian Dossier“. A dossier that in the beginning resurrected the ghost of holy Joe McCarthy before being totally discredited for the fabricated forgery it was though not before bringing about a “special counsel” who seems to have arrogated to himself with the help of political operatives the same powers Touquematia had during the Spanish Inquisition.

Who knows where his little witch hunt which more and more each day looks like a fishing expedition will end.

Hopefully it will end much like the feckless efforts in the recent past to undermine the will of the electors and the people who voted for them.

Dick Morris doesn’t cover this prior history as well as he could. Here he accepts the polls conducted by major media organizations at the time at face value yet there is plenty of evidence that the polls showing Hillary Clinton leading in the race against her opponent Donald Trump to have been rigged by being oversampled in favor of Clinton’s own political party that is in a nut shell pollsters pulled more Democrats who favored Clinton than Republicans who favored Trump despite the fact that both parties each have about the same number of voters who have registered to either party.

But this is minor compared to the number of Independent voters that they oversampled who leaned more toward the Democrats and especially Clinton.

Even worse was evidence that they subtracted undecided voters also known as swing voters from their tallies.

Many of these shenanigans are actually covered in the above Podesta files cited.

One can only conclude that the mainstream media and what is called the deep state wanted to give the American people the impression that Hillary Clinton had already been elected and the actual election was merely a formality!

We saw this during the Primary when before any of us went to the polls here in the delegate rich state of California we were told that Clinton had already cinched the nomination for the Democratic party!

Dick also neglects to mention that most pundits had already given Clinton an over ninety percent chance of winning the election!

So “What Happened?” as the title of the latest Clinton’s book seems to ask while at the same time accusing the usual suspects of throwing the election in Trump’s favor like misogynic self hating women, burned up Bernie supporters and of course the Russians.

My take is that the deep state and their friends in the media ignored the fact that unlike other countries the US is not a democracy but in fact a Constitutional Republic and that the President is not elected by popular vote but by Electors who are elected by the electorate.

It seems that this country’s founders saw that if they turned over the election of the head of state to the populace that only the urban areas with the highest population would rule the country leaving the more agrarian regions literally in the dust.

One can see that while Trump campaigned in almost every state in the Continental US, Clinton’s campaign went to the most populated regions of the US and was so arrogant that she ignored those states known as the “blue wall” that is those states that had traditionally voted Democrat for decades!

The result was a huge red tide right through the central regions of the United States that swept Trump into office!

Of course the Democrats tried to play catch up by laughably attempting to eliminate the Electoral College by a petition and failing that tried to initiate a recount in the states should have won in according to the pundits and then finally attempted to directly influence the Electors of each state.

Again ludicrously while they managed to convert two electors in Texas their efforts had also produced more faithless electors in other states where Clinton had won by an average of four to one giving Clinton the dubious honor of having more faithless electors than any other candidate in one hundred and forty years!

So whatever happens now we can all be thankful of the fact that despite the Clinton team’s best efforts that she no longer has a chance to succeed the current President Constitutionally.

That said Dick Morris’ book is an excellent read about yet another feckless effort to remove the current occupant of the office by the deep state who seem to be like Kissinger after Allende won Chile whom he labeled a “Communist”:

“I don’t see why we should have to stand by and let a country go Communist (to Trump) due to the irresponsibility of its own people.”


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