Scientology Aftermath Wins TV Critics Award

Disappointed? Maybe. Surprised? When looking at the show’s competition. Not really. An apt analogy would be an old Soviet Department Store.

Leah Remini upon receiving her award said she :“Had Hoped To Win For Comedy” .

Comedy, satire, irony are so closely related at times but I guess the former would apply and to some of us Leah may have achieved what seems to be her thwarted goal without even realizing it.

Personally I look at what is called “Reality” Television as unscripted comedies. Unintentionally funny in many ways.

In this case we see people who have left the Church of Scientology continuing to claim they are victims of past unsubstantiated allegations of transgressions that occurred in many cases decades ago as if they happened yesterday.

One wonders when they’ll get over it. Yet it seems that being a victim these days under the glare of spot lights and cameras is such a profitable industry especially on what they call “Reality” TV.

Now  they even give awards for those who can most disingenuously pull the victim card.

True there are actual victims like the American Indian and the Jews but in many cases they have bravely moved on with their lives. Maybe occasionally reminding  us in remembrance that such things as Wounded Knee and the Holocaust did occur in our collective past as a warning to us for the present and the future.

Yes what happened to them was truly tragic. Making even the greatest crimes that these former Scientologists claim were perpetuated by the Church of Scientology seem farcical in comparison.

As Karl Marx once said: “History repeats itself first as tragedy , second as farce.”

Too bad that not only “Reality” TV watchers and so called “critics”, but the American legal system embraces victimhood. In fact relishes in it. Take for example the smoker who after smoking for years from a pack of cigarettes clearly emblazoned with the warning label that smoking is hazardous to ones’ health and could lead to cancer now suing the tobacco company that now says gave him cancer and actually winning!

Maybe the Tobacco Company should have asked him to do a literacy test to see if he could actually read.

It seems Caveat Emptor and one’s personal responsibility no longer apply in America these days and a program like Scientology; Aftermath exemplifies that it’s every body else’s fault so well.

If one would like to know the origin of the repressive Nanny State. One need look no farther than those who claim victimhood to escape responsibility for their personal choices and actions such as becoming a member of the Church of Scientology and then leaving with unproven tales of physical and psychological abuse. Much like some ex-spouse after leaving their marital partner.

I remember before Leah Remini there was another B grade actor by the name of Gary Busey who like most motorcycle riders in California back in the late eighties rode his without wearing a helmet and ended up falling on his head which was probably the actual reason he survived.

After that incident, Busey went on a crusade to convince the California legislature to force legislation over the objection of most motorcyclists in the state to make the wearing of a motorcycle helmet mandatory even for adult motorcyclists!

No longer could motorcyclists experience the thrill of the wind in their hair and subsequently the sale of motorcycles precipitously dropped with fewer registrations per year and less motorcycles on the road in ratio to cars.

What is less well known yet carefully researched by ABATE a premier motorcyclist rights organization was that fatalities per accidents by motorcyclists actually increased.

So if one wondering why the 101, the 110, the five, 405 or as we jokingly call it the four or five freeway is clogged with nothing but a sea of cars then one need look no further than the crusading Busey.

But I digress.

Back to Leah and her personal crusade against Scientology in where her supporters are calling for the revocation of the Church of Scientology’s Tax Exemption. An action which directed at the heart of the First Amendment’s Freedom of Religion.

In other words they are calling on the Government to not only infer with one’s right to make personal choices which is overweeningly God-like and diabolical in itself but also to say what is a Religion and what isn’t.

Think about it.


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