Terra Cognitive Dissonance

Seems every time this person posts an article on Rinder’s blog I feel this compulsion to respond. Maybe it could be a condition of some kind that is listed in the latest DSM or could be that reading one of he, she or it’s screeds is like being forced to listen to someone scratch a rusty nail across a chalk board.

Their most recent one is about authoritarianism. As we all know. Nobody forces anybody to accept Scientology or even believe in it.

In fact Hubbard goes to great lengths to explain that one doesn’t have to embrace the subject in total in such articles as Education and the Auditor and the one on Personal Integrity.

What other subject makes such an admonishment?

In Science we are constantly told not to question the latest accepted theory as if it was carried down from some mount on flaming tablets. Those scientists who do not embrace the latest peer reviewed theory are immediately ostracized.

Talk about authoritarianism!

It has gotten so bad that only a few mavericks have made any advances in the cult of Science.

Especially the ones who were not suckling on the teat of some wealthy foundation.

I agree with Terra that the Church has become more authoritarian but this is not Hubbard’s fault as Cognita(tive Dissonance) asserts.

The fact is that much of what goes on in the Church these days actually has nothing to do with its actual policies or technology. Anyone who has actually studied the subject can immediately see this.

One wonders why this person is so dense. Unless they are functionally illiterate, totally ignorant and have no understanding of the subject. In fact these are likely the people current management would embrace which probably explains why whoever it Terra Cognita is explains why they still haven’t been declared.


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