From Another Mike Drop

As anyone knows who lives in the  Scientology diaspora Mike Rinder added two weekly features. The “Weekly Funnies” which has gotten less funny and more redundant as time goes on. Sort of like the same stand up comic who pulls off the same routine time after time to the same audience, time after time and the other one a comic strip he calls “Regraded Being” a play on the term “Degraded Being” used for someone in the thrall of a suppressive person or group. I’ll leave it at that.

Anyway todays Mike’s funny includes Leah Remini. Here we have a Scientology couple discussing her success or lack of it:

(fair use)


Leah Remini went from being a moderately successful star of a sitcom to being a reality TV deva. What many would consider a step down.

So she was nominated for an Emmy. Whoopty do.

Like it doesn’t take a weatherman to tell you which way the wind is blowing. It doesn’t take a Scientologist to tell you that the Emmy’s are a joke.

Remember that scene from the Sopranos where J T Dolan the ill fated script writer tries to sell his Emmy in the pawn shop to pay his vig to Christopher Moltisanti?

That pretty much says it all.

True there are some shows that actually deserve an Emmy such as the above Sopranos but many Emmy winners require the following:




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