The Church of the Aftermath

I have to admit that I’ve never watched A&E’s  Scientology ; Aftermath. Not because of what they say about Scientology, but because I don’t watch “Reality Television”. Along with game shows I personally think of them as a bane on society.

However existing in the Scientology diaspora as I have for many years it’s hard to avoid mention of Leah Remini’s series which  is up for an Emmy. Not that means much these days since it seems that the only people nominated for many of these “prestigious” awards are deep state actors who align what would be considered the establishment.

Take for example Lawrence Wright’s Pulitzer winning book The Looming Tower which is basically a carbon copy of 911 Commission’s Report which by the way incredibly was issued as a comic book or graphic novel a medium used mostly for fiction taking Government propaganda to new heights or lows depending on one’s point of view.

There are rare exceptions of course like Gary Webb who blow the lid on CIA’s efforts to flood South Central LA with crack cocaine but then was immediately destroyed by the Mocking Bird Press after winning the Pulitzer Prize for his series Dark Alliance.

In the case of Remini and A&E. They are doing what the lap dog media has been doing to Scientology since its inception. Nothing new here folks with the exception that it is presented in a “reality” television format.

That said it has managed to attract a following of hard core anti-religious fanatics numbering close to two million and is considered one of A&E’s most highly rated programs.

Of course what is considered “art” and “entertainment” can be highly subjective.

For instance one of the shows biggest fanatics and supporters Tony Ortega considers child pornography and trafficking an inherent first amendment right while inveighing against the Church of  Scientology’s freedom of religion and was once a big promoter of Back Pages a virtual classified for pedophiles when he was Editor and Chief of the Village Voice.

More bluntly. One of the shows biggest patrons defends kiddie porn and pimping kids as a form of “art and entertainment”.

From there we move on to the Jim and Tammy Bakker of this irreligious following. A veritable Church of the Anti-Church. Mike Rinder and Leah Remini who both coproduce the program and vet the show’s guests to exclude anyone who might have anything good to say about the Religion of Scientology as opposed to the organization.

Just ask Merrell Vannier author of the book Arrows in the Dark who said:

“Leah and Mike know about my story and I was not contacted to be on their show. I even reached out to Leah through various channels and was told she didn’t want to talk to anyone who was pro-tech.”

Not only that but victims Mike Rinder’s unseemly past as former head of the Office of Special Affairs are forgotten like for instance Tom Klemesrud:


“Yeah, pan-determined. Me too. Pan-determined to get Rinder on his OSA activities against me, both with the Miss Bloodybutt attack, and the ABC middle-Managers Op to end my broadcast career at 49.”


No only true believers are allowed within its inner sanctum which include such sainted luminaries as Janis Gillham Grady who spent several years as a Commodore’s Messenger while on the Flag Ship Apollo with a questionable memory of precisely what happened there. Just ask the author of a recent book on Scientology’s relation to Watergate:


JANIS GILLHAM GRADY, Commodore’s Messenger: She has asserted that L. Ron Hubbard himself personally ordered the alleged missions. For example, she says that Hubbard sat in his office on the Apollo one day in August of 1972 and personally ordered a number of Sea Org members, including Amos Jessup and Peter Warren, to go to Rabat, Morocco, and do “sec checks”—using Scientology E-meters right under the nose of Hassan II—on the Moroccan military men who somehow might have been part of the 16 August 1972 attempted coup against the king. Yet even though her claimed time frame for the alleged missions in Morocco ran for at least four months late in 1972—during which time she purportedly worked directly with Hubbard for six hours every day—she either could not or would not recall or admit to ever seeing one single piece of written communication coming from or going to Hubbard about any of the missions. None. Not one.


The reason why Ashton Gray facetiously called her a “History Maker” in his research series probably because she has a tendency to make it up. Yet despite her noted confabulations, contradictions and concerns about her reliability is presented as a reliable witness to Hubbard’s activities aboard the Apollo.

Here is a preview of what she wrote that was proudly displayed on Mike Rinder’s blog:




May, 1978

“…The only reason brainwashing works the way the commies do it is because they make people do self-criticism. . . but they make them think-think-think-think-think in their heads… Figure-figure harder, figure-figure harder, and they just keep reducing their havingness (taking things away), reducing their havingness, reducing their havingness. . .”

L. Ron Hubbard “Auditing Techniques…”

 January 1957

STOP!” LAZ COMMANDED, as he grabbed me by the arm.

I shook him off as I ignored his command and kept walking. Laz jumped in front of me and grabbed both my arms to stop me from walking away.

Get your filthy hands off me!” I shouted back, confronting him directly. Laz refused to let me go.

I shook his hands off me, then slapped him across the face and kept walking. Laz told the guard he had guarding me “Go get six of the biggest men that you can find.” Ignoring them, I made it halfway down the dirt road until the six men surrounded me. I was not allowed to move. Laz ordered them to block me from going anywhere for nearly fifteen minutes while he disappeared.

It didn’t matter if I yelled and screamed. We were in the middle of nowhere in the desert—I knew there was no one around to hear me! There was nowhere for me to run. Maybe the men expected me to kick and scream. I did not.

My intention was to defy them, I felt calm, considering the madness surrounding me. After a lifetime of growing up in Scientology, at age 22, I wanted to leave the Sea Org, the highest echelon of Scientology. I did not want to give up Scientology, as it was a way of life for me and I didn’t know much else. I just refused to be a slave anymore, and didn’t agree with how staff members who worked within the rank and file of Scientologys Sea Organization were being treated, including me.

When Laz returned, he ordered the six men to escort me to the back of the Ranch House. I could cooperate, or I could resist by screaming or trying to break free from their control—but what good would that have done? There was nowhere to go and no one around to help. I walked with them toward the usual entrance to the staff lounge, and assumed I would be waiting there to see Maria Starkey in her office next door. But once I stepped inside, the door was closed behind me, and locked.

Laz had converted the hall of the Ranch House into a prison, with the doors to the rooms locked from the outside. Lazs plan all along was to move me into this trap. I was locked inside a hall with a bathroom, and locked off from the rest of the house. This confined space held only a mattress on the floor with two sheets, a pillow, a towel and bar of soap, and the clothes on my back.

I might have been able to climb out of the bathroom window, but where would I go? And my pockets were empty – no money. My brother Peter and my sister Terri shared a car with me, but my keys had already been taken, and the distributor cap had been removed in case I knew how to hot-wire it, which I did not.

I was being held prisoner against my will.

The guards, however, all thought they were helping me by following L. Ron Hubbard’s instructions on dealing with someone having a psychotic break. “Isolate the person wholly with all attendants COMPLETELY muzzled (no speech)” L. Ron Hubbard. However, there is a difference between having a psychotic break and refusing to be unjustly sent to the Rehabilitation Project Force.

Guards stood watch outside the door of my confinement for twenty-four hours a day. They were instructed to not talk to me. They unlocked the door only three times a day to quickly slide in some food and vitamins. They gave me a few pieces of paper and a pen to write down anything I had to say. Besides repeating that I wanted to leave, I had nothing else to say.

My first day of imprisonment, I caught up on my sleep. Sleep was treated as a luxury in the Sea Org, versus a healthy necessity. Since I was a prisoner with no other options, I took advantage of having the privacy and time to luxuriate in a hot bath while I daydreamed of what life might be like in the outside world….”



Note that in the above paragraphs she omits the exact time, place, form and event or what is know in journalism as the five “W’s”. The precise who, what, where, when and why.

Anyone who knows anything about Scientology’s exact policies and procedures especially someone who worked directly with L Ron Hubbard should know that one can not just leave a position on staff or if one will the clergy of Scientology without at least being given a confessional. Especially one who has worked for the elite Sea Organization at its highest ecclesiastical levels of operation.

Yet it seems that Grady here was totally oblivious of this requirement and just decided to go for a walk or AWOL from a highly secured compound belonging to the Sea Organization without even seeing the Quarter Master to return any supplies.

Even most corporations in corporate America don’t allow employees just to leave without first going through security and at least giving back the access key.

Then of course we are never told exactly when this event happened. Was it today, was it yesterday or another life time? Who knows?

As far as where. It’s somewhere on the desert. We assume it’s in the US but it could well be in Saudi Arabia or maybe Tatooine since we’re never told.

All we know for sure is that after she was apprehended before she could make her daring escape and is confined to the “staff lounge” which according to her has been turned into a virtual prison except for the fact that there is an open bathroom window giving her easy egress. Yet realizing belatedly it seems that if she left she would have no where to go and even if she did she couldn’t get there because they allegedly disabled her  getaway car prior to all of this.

So one is left to wonder what she would do if she actually escaped from this desert compound without a car and most importantly without water?

So many inconsistencies in just a few short paragraphs and so little time to take to take each one  of them up yet she as presented as some kind of Solzhenitsyn describing Gulag Scientologia.

Ironically though this is the kind of horse shoes and hand grenades “reporting” that is accepted on Aftermath and embraced by its faithful audience.

Take another former Sea Organization member by the name of Gary Reisdorf who it seems has this boundless ability to get into trouble and ending up being on the sharp end of Scientology ethics and justice actions and like most inmates in various penitentiaries claiming innocence or Nuremberg like saying he was only following orders.

Little is said about the fact that even on a commercial vessel he would have been handed a pink slip, his final paycheck and off shored long ago nor that on a Naval vessel he probably would have been clapped in irons and spending  quality time in Leavenworth for his various screw ups.

Oh the injustice of being confined to quarters for over two weeks while working on his Treason assignment for being a possible accessory in losing probably a month’s provisions.

These aside from the never been declared Terra Cognita are the denizens who frequent Rinder’s electronic Church of anti-Scientology. Some of who eventually end up on Aftermath where he and Remini can exploit these past incidents for fun and profit while claiming to fight against the evils of Scientology.

Too bad they are the last to realize that they have become caricatures.




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