Terra (In) Cognita

This is another one of those rants I subject what few readers I have to occasionally. Every once in a while I feel that I have to get something of my chest about one of Mike Rinder’s featured writers over at his blog.

Of course whoever is posting over there under the handle of “Terra Cognito” can say whatever he or she wishes just as I can counter whatever is said.

As far as I can see  Terra Cognito’s mission in life is to make him or herself right and the technology wrong which according to Ron is the mission of the “not so bright” with “a big button on self importance” which seems to be the case.

Take an example here in an earlier article where he or she says:



LRH’s Axioms of Scientology are littered with profundity.

Axiom 42: MEST (Matter, Energy, Space, Time) persists because it is a problem.

No. MEST is simply MEST. No more, no less.

My bike is MEST and it’s not a problem for me. I love riding my bike. I love my sharp kitchen knives. They’re MEST. Love the way they glide through tomatoes. Their keen edges are not a problem.

Then again, maybe MEST is a problem because I’ve refused to accept full responsibility for it.



To this person MEST isn’t a problem and gives an example riding his or her bike.

Well maybe it’s not a problem to them but maybe their bike might be a problem to others who are trying to navigate the mean streets of LA say trying to get their pregnant wife to the hospital while Terra Cognita is blissfully peddling out in front of him asserting his or her “right” to block traffic and persisting in being a hazard to navigation!

Anyone who has had the misfortune of being stuck behind a clown contingent of multicolored cyclists can agree that many of them are a problem especially when one is actually trying to get somewhere.

I myself remember riding my motorcycle waiting at a stop sign and being courteously waved through by a driver only to be almost T-boned by some mindless bicyclist who blithely blew through the stop sign as if it didn’t exist.

The fact that most Bicyclists don’t obey the rules of the road is a problem that persists here in LA.

As for the knife example. I guess it’s not a problem until someone loses an eye or maybe wistfully practically slices their finger off with one.

One can see if one looks that MEST’s persistence is a problem if only by degrees.

Going back to the bike. I’m sure there where a number of skinned knees and other minor injuries involved in leaning how to ride one or in the case of the case of the kitchen knife a learning curve in using one which included the occasional knick or cut.

My view is that one can take any datum in Scientology or any other subject for that matter and see how it is or can apply before dismissing it which is a step that Terra Cognita obviously hasn’t taken proving one’s lack of intellect because they wouldn’t make such an idiotic one sided all encompassing argument.

Moving on to another article from Mike’s featured writer is their argument about the Organization’s structure. A structure that has actually worked out quite well for quite a number of years as evidenced by actual statistics of the Church’s expansion at the time.

If there should be any complaint. It would be that this successful structure like most of the subject has been defenestrated by the current management and their efforts to magically create “Ideal Orgs” but that would require Terra Cognita taking some responsibility  for the sad sorry state of the Organization these days as a Scientologist in good standing who is:

“Still not Declared”.


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