Some Comments on Super Power

See Mike Rinder’s recent article about Super Power.

Back in the late seventies Ron developed a rundown he called Super Power which actually consisted of several rundowns that he had been developing earlier such as the Bright Think Rundown, the Personal Revival Rundown and the Ethics Repair Rundown to name a few.

Super Power according to RON’S JOURNAL 30 issued 17 December 1978 was supposed to parallel Power because Clears could not be run on Power and it was discovered that many more people were attaining that state on Dianetics than had originally been anticipated.

Originally Super Power was supposed to delivered to Staff first by an organization known as the New World Corp:


SUPER POWER. A Super fantastic, but confidential
series of Rundowns that can be done on anyone whether
Dianetic Clear or not that puts the person into fantastic
shape unleashing the Super Power of a Thetan. This is the
means that puts Scientologists into a new realm of ability
enabling them to create the New World. It puts world
Clearing within reach in the future. This is a parallel
Rundown to Power in Saint Hills which is taken by the
Dianetic Clear. It consists of 12 separate high-power
rundowns which are brand new and enter realms of the tech
never before approached. Power is still very much in use
on the Grade Chart but is for those who didn’t go Clear on
Dianetics. Super Power will be delivered at Saint Hills
within the next 6 weeks as we are right now super grooming
the Super Power auditors in a special International course.
It will be delivered in almost all languages.

The New World Corps is being formed and trained this very
minute, candidates for which must be Class IV, OT IIIs.
Orgs were once promised Power for their staffs. If Org
staff are very, very good and get on policy and everything,
they will one day look up and see a New World Corps team
move in on them, and then….. New World Corps means just


He also says that in the same issue that:

(Super Power will be delivered to the staff first and eventually to the public.)


This was very similar to the early rundowns originally called the Flag Executive Rundowns now known as the Ls which were given to those on the original Flag Executive Briefing Course on the Flag Ship Apollo and then were later given as part of the Flag Only rundowns to the public in general.

Yet unlike the Ls ,Super Power wasn’t restricted to Flag:


There is no reason a Dianetic Clear should be denied the powerful gains which research made available in 78 (see above). For the public who have gone Dianetic Clear, and those who haven’t, Saint Hills will become a mecca where they obtain the most excellent results obtainable in Super Power.



It was obvious that a similar evolution was conceived for Super Power but the release of Super Power was delayed.

According to a summary given in the most recent Technical Volumes, Volume XI  the reason given was


While  supervising the training of a group of auditors selected to deliver a highly precise new auditing rundown, Ron found that many of them had difficulty with their TRs.In 1979 his search for the cause of this one outness and the means to terminatedly handle it led him to a series of discoveries that form the basis for the technology found today in the new Hubbard Professional TR Course, the spectacular Hubbard I(ey to Life Course and the Hubbard Life Orientation Course.



Of course the “highly precise new auditing rundown”  was Super Power and the actions devised to undercut it “the new Hubbard Professional TR Course, the spectacular Hubbard I(ey to Life Course and the Hubbard Life Orientation Course.”

For a short time the author of this article was seconded to New World Corp as a review auditor in the late 1980s

At that time Key to Life and the Life Orientation Course were being piloted for release along with an additional rundown that we simple called the “Running Program” which would later be called the Cause Resurgence Rundown.

Without getting into the confidential details of how these rundowns were delivered, I’ll just say that none of them required a special building or chairs designed by NASA in order to deliver them yet in the late 1990’s management decided for some reason to build what they originally called the Super Power Building before they could deliver the rundowns.

Years were spent building this massive edifice in the center of Clearwater using donations from the Scientology public who were jockeying for the position of being the first to receive the Cause Resurgence Rundown and Super Power.

I myself wrote a “things that shouldn’t be” report to International Management at the time basically pointing this out and was labeled “disaffected” for having the audacity to question them and slated to be one of the first public to receive the Truth Rundown.

Another story for another time.


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