Back Page Tony

Who is Back Page Tony? It looks like a moniker for an underworld crime boss.

First I’d like to apologize to any Mob Bosses out there for any invidious connection.

The fact is that at least Cosa Rostra has the moral fortitude to stay away from child prostitution, trafficking, kiddie porn and general pedophila. Unlike Back Page Tony Ortega who while Editor and Chief of the Village Voice profited from the abuse and exploitation of children.

Here’s some back ground for those who don’t believe me.

Of course Politico doesn’t go into the gory details of what back pages actually is.

Digital Pimps or Fearless Publishers?

The owners of Village Voice Media gamed the online classified business with and made millions. But when it became a breeding ground for child rape, the publishers became something else: defendants.

One can read the whole article here.

What it doesn’t say is who was in charge of the Voice when they acquired back pages as a client.

I’ll give anyone three guesses as to who that was and the first two don’t count.

A more detailed account of Back Page Tony can be found here. Where names are named and connections are made.

So if this a blog about Scientology then why am I writing an article about a low life pedophile enabler like Back Page Tony?

As they say a picture can say a thousand words. Two is probably a bonus.


Oh my and who is pictured cozily  next to Back Page?

Isn’t that Leah Remini the star of A&E’s hit TV hit series on Scientology?

For more on Backpage Tony and Leah. I recommend “Marty” Mark Rathbun’s series of blogs.



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