The Going Clear Series

I whole heartedly endorse Marty Rathbun’s recent series of videos over on his blog. For some time as one might have gathered Marty and I haven’t seen eye to eye and there was I time when I was unceremoniously 86ed off his blog while posting under the handle of “RJ” but that was then.

However unlike what laughingly calls itself  the “Independence Movement” led by Mike Rinder who have aligned themselves with the Anti Cult Movement which includes Tony Ortega who seems to be its most vocal mouthpiece now using the Raw Story as his soap box.

Personally I’ve always had a problem with the use of the term “independent Scientologist” as I’ve always thought that anyone inside or outside the Church who applies actual Scientology should be known as a Scientologist. Organizational differences not withstanding.

But I digress.

I give Marty props for coming out of the dark and giving us the low down on Wright and Gibney’s operation by exposing their disingenuous.


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