About “Command Intention”

Seems like the concept of “Ideal Orgs” there is another Crashing Misunderstood in Scientology Organizations these days and that is “Command Intention”.

Seems every time some Scientology executive wants the public or their subordinate staff to do something they whip out the old hoary phrase that it is “Command Intention” which like “Ideal Orgs” is just another perversion of what Ron actually intended when he coined the phrase.

“Ideal Orgs” is something I’ve already covered but anyone with a modicum of intelligence can read the policy  The Ideal Org and see for themselves that what current “management”  and what the Old Man calls an “Ideal Org” are two different things.

To borrow a term from the legally registered documents that established the Church of Spiritual Technology much like the Church of Scientology and the Religion of Scientology they are not “co-terminal”.

This is what Ron says about “Command Intention”:



Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex


(Also issued as Flag Order 2804, A POST HATTING DRILL)


(Originally written by LRH for the Apollo OODs of 12 Mar. 71. Issued as an HCO PL on 2 Oct. 80.)

Have you worked out what command intention (not orders but intention) is for your post?

If you’ve done this, then work out-do the orders you give line up with com- mand intention?

And then if you have worked that out, are the products you produce accept- able in volume, quality and viability to others of the group and command?

If so, you’ll have pushed it through the whole cycle.

  1. Command intention for your post.
  2. Do you push command intention forward from your post?
  3. Are the products of your post acceptable to others and command?

    L. RON HUBBARD Founder

Does it say anything about some egomaniacal maniac giving everybody orders from the top down like some dictator in a Banana Republic?

I’ll let you answer that for yourselves but to me the answer is obvious.

Problem is these days most Scientologists within the Organization are not educated on fundamental policies or tech but are instead routed onto what is laughingly called the “Basics” which includes lectures and books that in many cases covers what would considered Advanced Technology.

Much like advertising something as a “Basic” science course yet including discussions about Schroeder’s Cat and Quantum Physics.

But back to “Command Intention”.

It seems somewhere along the line when the current management “overthrew” (a word they use which is synonymous to “Mutiny” which according to Scientology’s own Ethics and Justice Codes is a High Crime or Suppressive act) the former management and established their New Order they became somewhat and then fully autocratic.

There was no distinct dividing line but the shift occurred gradually until the Organization became a full on Dictatorship led by a simple simon says moron who’s very word is accepted by the faithful as the “ultimate truth” no matter how many contradictions present themselves in policy or technology ruled by what they call “Command Intention” which isn’t if one reads the actual Policy Letter.


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