The Deep State Versus Scientology

Sometime back I read an interesting book by Ashton Grey entitled Watergate the Hoax. If anybody wants to read my review it is over here on my other blog Spyontology.

Anyway I recommend reading the book. Even if one considers the theory about what happened to Ron during the period that the Watergate Hoax was being perpetrated a little wild as it gives an idea of what is happening today with our current President which is really an attempt at what would be called a soft coup proving that history repeats itself.

In Scientology auditing we call these earlier similar incidents which are part of what is called a chain.

What is Trump doing and Nixon attempted to that has and previously had the Deep State which includes what Eisenhower called the Military Industrial Complex up in arms (pun intentional)?

They wanted or want detent with Russia what was formerly the Soviet Union.

Believe or not there are people who are insane enough to ratchet up tensions between the two nuclear powers just to make a buck. We call them suppressive or more appropriately merchants of chaos since they profit off the chaos they create by selling weapons to various factions of numerous conflicts around the globe that are supported by either of the two nuclear powers.

Right now the US Government has claimed that they are “fighting terrorism” while at the same time covertly arming and funding ISIS which is opposing Russia’s interests in Syria and before that they were funding and arming terrorist factions in Western Europe under what was known as Operation Gladio.

Also they are supporting former Soviet satellites efforts to become part of NATO and pushing back what Russia considers its buffer zone against the West.

One major example is Ukraine where NATO has basically installed Neo-Nazi state which is a direct descendant of the Iron Guard who supported the Nazis in World War II.

Anyway the reason they got of rid of Nixon was not because of Scientology but because he wanted to make ending the Cold War one of his crowning achievements.

True Nixon like Trump had or what some would consider fascist tendencies. They were and are big fans of “law and order” or in other words a police state but they both saw that constant tension between them and Russia or the Soviet Union.

Both of these nations have enough nuclear weapons to obliterate life on this planet ten times over.

One nuclear submarine has enough fire power to take out all major cities here in the US using missiles armed with MIRVs. That’s Multiple Independent Reentry Vehicles.

Yet here we have the “nut jobs” in the Deep State here trying to ratchet up the tensions here in America with this phony Russian Conspiracy Theory of which the tin foil hatted whack jobs claim that Moscow somehow installed one of their agents in Washington.

In other words they are trying to generate another “Red Scare’. The same one that brought a drunken Republican Senator by the name of Joe McCarthy to prominence at one time with his inquisitional House Un-American Activities Committee.

In other words what is now called the “left” is now doing what “right” did in the past with what became known as McCarthyism.

Anyone who is familiar with what is called the GPM or Goals Problems Mass can see that the so called “left” which once opposed the excesses of McCarthy has now flipped over into full support or has become what they once opposed.

As I’ve noted earlier this information has been pretty much redacted from basic “Scientology” materials these days ostensibly because of the fear of the student getting a misunderstood word. Despite the fact that is very revelatory and to some degree creates a better understanding of the current Geo-Political Scene.

For me this is what Scientology is supposed to be about.

Interestingly the same banking interests, media and press organizations, Government  services and agencies that have been pretty much controlled by what is called the Deep State and are currently involved what some are calling a “Silent Coup” have been directly involved in Top Secret activities against Scientology as well.

Like “Watergate” what is being called “Russiagate” is just another hoax being perpetrated by Deep State operatives to overthrow our Constitutionally elected Government and replace it with one more suited to their objectives of endless conflicts and war in order to feed the Moloch like god of the Military Industrial Complex.

Way back Ron offered his help to the newly elected President John Fitzgerald Kennedy to security check his staff and cabinet but instead his or one of staff or cabinet members response was to raid the Washington DC organization less than a year before he was assassinated in Dallas.

History might have different in his case and later when Nixon wanted to end the seemingly endless war in Vietnam and create a detente with Russia.

Despite his flaws, Nixon wanted to be seen as a peace maker by the end of his final term in office and for this ended up being the victim of a bloodless cold blooded coup.




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