Scientology Events

Seems for the most part what I call the the Alt as in Alternative Scientology Network has gone into hibernation or a hiatus of some kind with the exception of Mike Rinder who seems to post a new article on his blog almost on a daily basis.

As far as I’m concerned Mike has gone to the dark side. Originally he started with speaking out against the excesses of the organization currently and ostensibly I might add under the control of David Miscavige to attacking the subject and its founder in toto much like his pedophilic “Back  Pages” friend Tony Ortega and other low lifes from the ACM.

Yet there are moments of brilliance, much like finding that lost diamond ring in a pile of dog excrement.

For example there is this one by “Terra Cognito” who I usually find somewhat cloyingly pretentious and patronizing but in this case I totally agree with his or her assessment of  Scientology events on which for the most part I concur.

In my case the last Scientology event I actually enjoyed is when Ron released his last Journal, RJ39 for Ron’s Journal 39.

They put up a big tent in the parking lot or what they now pretentiously call the “Pacifica Amphitheater” which back then we called the “parking lot”.

Anyway it was New Years Eve of the transition from 1985 to 1986 and as usual there was a party atmosphere like previous events then we were gathered together to listen to the Ol’man give his last Journal.

Strange but to me it was almost like he was right there in the room with all of us. It ended with “I love you too.”  and after that we all got down and partied!

Edgar Winter played all night interrupted at midnight by the sound of small arms fire. A tradition back then which included the staccato of an M-16 fired into the sky by a neighbor of ours who lived on Catalina then we all got back to Edgar doing a live version of Frankenstein.

Truly magical.

Yet as time went on from there. As Cognito says events became more staged, contrived and ostentatious.

I think this picture pretty much says it all about what going to a Scientology event became like:serveimage.jpeg



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