On The Flip Side

Has anyone else noticed that Mike’s claque of “Independent Scientologists” who regularly frequent his blog have become in reality Opposition Terminals? What in layman’s terms would be known as “anti-Scientologists”. In other words the flip side of what we call a GPM or Goals Problems Mass.

Quite a common phrase used among Scientologists at one time until the current management deleted such technical words from the Student Hat. A course which included Ron’s lectures on the subject of study given on the Saint Hill Briefing Course back in the 1960’s.

Anyway some time back in the early nineties the powers that be inside the organization decided to delete any of highly technical words and various abbreviations used in Scientology recorded in these lectures ostensibly in order to prevent the student from getting misunderstood words yet for some reason they left the highly technical and arcane terms used in photography like for example “daguerreotypes” and other arcane words in subjects discussed such as navigation and music intact.

Another subject I’ll take up later at another time.

Anyway back to Mr. Rinder and his blog which seems to have embraced what Ron called the “social veneer” of society. The one that accepts the “law and order” of criminals deeply hidden in what is currently called the “Deep State” by some and the “New World Order” by others. In short has become what one would call an Opp Term.

In this case Psychiatry. I personally won’t go into the sordid history of the subject and will leave that to members of what has become known as the Anti-Psychiatry movement originally led by the late Dr. Thomas Szasz and later by Dr. Peter Breggin.

Here we have “Terra Cognito” laughably defending a subject that is probably responsible for more deaths, pain and suffering than all acts of terrorism combined.

Never mind the fact that here in America they signed a deal with the devil better known as the CIA and contracted themselves to various mind control programs the most notorious and infamous being Mk Ultra.

But what does one expect from blog that the owner brags about being an informant for the FBI?


J. Edgar Hoover, who organized the present FBI and still deified by it – they have his name in huge, brass letters on Washington D.C.’s biggest thoroughfare—and that town doesn’t even have the names of former Presidents up in lights—has been shown by subsequent records to have been a blackmailer and traitor to his country. He carefully, personally, sat on the information for four months that Pearl Harbor was going to happen. Right up to the US entrance into World War II he was autographing his photo for pals in the deadly German SS. He even sacked an FBI agent (Tureau) who dared to catch some German spies.



The Criminal Mind


True there are many things that are wrong with the Church of Scientology but just because this is so doesn’t mean that one should embrace the dark side and come out in support of  criminality, corruption and the obvious brutally and fascism displayed by institutional Psychiatry.



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