Mike’s Back Pages

I started this blog because of bloggers like Mike Rinder.

Rinder came on the scene shortly after Mark or Marty Rathbun started his blog both presenting themselves as part of the Scientology “reform” movement.

It took awhile but I realized that Mike’s intention and motive wasn’t really to the reform the Church of Scientology at all but to bring it down taking the subject with it.

Probably why he says things that are blatant lies to anyone who is familiar with actual Scientology Policies and Technology such as David Miscavige is just doing what Ron says or that he received more direct communication and orders from the Old Man than anyone in the Organization other than Mary Sue Hubbard. Something I asked him to prove which got me eighty sixed from his blog.

Don’t believe me. Just read some of his latest articles where he takes quotes from various policies and places them totally out of context much like Miscavige does. To put it bluntly he and Miscavige are two sides of the same coin. Both totally disingenuous but both who have a following of true believers.

One could say that just like the Church of Scientology. Mike’s blog has become a cult.

Part of the network Marty correctly calls the “Anti-Scientology Cult” or ASC.

What’s ironic is that Mike began by pointing out the hypocrisy and double standards that existed within the Church but like that old Chinese proverb says to paraphrase: Those who point a finger at someone else have several fingers pointing back and so it is the case with Mike.

Take a recent article on “child abuse”. Here we have a grown man crying his eyes out over an incident that occurred more than two decades ago when he was the tender age of fifteen.

Was it an incident of childhood rape? No he’d been KOed by a student on a course he was supervising back in 1996.

One watches the video and the incident is discussed about fifteen minutes from the beginning where he was obviously harassing a student who didn’t want to do a drill and would rather look for a word that he might have misunderstood.

He even admits that before he was trained in this new method of “Course Supervision” at Flag in the early nineties that it was pretty standard for to allow a student to find their misunderstood  on a procedure or action they couldn’t do. What’s more is he doesn’t admit the fact that it is the duty of the supervisor to help him find it using all the available methods of word clearing to help him find it.

At least that was the way it was before Miscavige and the gang began “revising” the technology in the nineties. Their idea was to keep it simple stupid by devising a bunch of idiotic “drills” that directly violated policy that I’ve covered in an earlier article and then “train” a bunch of “Course Supervisors” to force “students” to do them robotically.

The mantra they were taught was to “get them to do the drill” by any means necessary.

This was where someone like Aaron Smith-Levin came in.

I personally witnessed their uncompromising ruthlessness first hand. Covertly many of us called the newly minted “Course Supervisors” “little Nazis” as many of them were obnoxious kids who liked to throw their weight around like a bunch of tin star dictators.

So though I don’t condone this guy over twice his age sucker punching poor little Aaron. I can understand the frustration of this student being harassed by the little fascist punk.

Anyway back to Mike Rinder’s total hypocrisy and double standard represented by posting this article under “Child Abuse”.

If Mike was so concerned about actual child abuse he would have long ago cut any ties with Tony Ortega and the Anti Cult Movement or ACM.

Someday I’ll go over their sordid history as such more thoroughly than I have but suffice it to say that by their association with the False Memory Syndrome  Foundation established by Jolly West and other Mk Ultra alumni that they work hard at covering up the abuse of children by the Intelligence Community and elitist Satanic Cults and that Tony Ortega at one time was directly involved in this activity by promoting Back Pages.Com when he was Editor and Chief of the Village Voice.

True many Alternative Publications tend to have a rather libertine view. One flips through the ads relating to Strip Clubs, Escort Services, “Massage” Parlors, etc. promoting various sexual related services available for consenting adults but what made the Voice stand out was its association with Back Pages which as one can see from this petition dealt with kiddie porn and child trafficking. Something that Ortega obviously supported in his time as Editor and Chief at the Voice.

Enough said. I’d like the few readers who read my articles to sign this petition and actually put a stop to actual child abuse.



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