The Going Clear Series

I whole heartedly endorse Marty Rathbun’s recent series of videos over on his blog. For some time as one might have gathered Marty and I haven’t seen eye to eye and there was I time when I was unceremoniously 86ed off his blog while posting under the handle of “RJ” but that was then. However […]

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Marty Rathbun

Marty and I parted ways a few years back. My conclusion was that he was just another anti-Scientology mouthpiece posing as an “Independent Scientologist” like Mike Rinder who has aligned himself with the Anticult shill and pedophile enabler Tony Ortega. But then he wrote some cogent articles on his blog attacking Ortega and now his […]

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About “Command Intention”

Seems like the concept of “Ideal Orgs” there is another Crashing Misunderstood in Scientology Organizations these days and that is “Command Intention”. Seems every time some Scientology executive wants the public or their subordinate staff to do something they whip out the old hoary phrase that it is “Command Intention” which like “Ideal Orgs” is […]

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Scientology Events

Seems for the most part what I call the the Alt as in Alternative Scientology Network has gone into hibernation or a hiatus of some kind with the exception of Mike Rinder who seems to post a new article on his blog almost on a daily basis. As far as I’m concerned Mike has gone to […]

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On The Flip Side

Has anyone else noticed that Mike’s claque of “Independent Scientologists” who regularly frequent his blog have become in reality Opposition Terminals? What in layman’s terms would be known as “anti-Scientologists”. In other words the flip side of what we call a GPM or Goals Problems Mass. Quite a common phrase used among Scientologists at one time […]

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Mike’s Back Pages

I started this blog because of bloggers like Mike Rinder. Rinder came on the scene shortly after Mark or Marty Rathbun started his blog both presenting themselves as part of the Scientology “reform” movement. It took awhile but I realized that Mike’s intention and motive wasn’t really to the reform the Church of Scientology at […]

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