Tales from the Dark Side of Scientology

Anyone who has been in Scientology for a while probably has come to the conclusion that Scientology is not a turn the other cheek religion. This is obvious. But what religion really is? Take the so called “turn the other cheek” one with the Jesuits, Opus Dei and the Knights Templer.

Scientology probably gets singled out because critics of the subject are willfully ignorant of history. Among other things.

There are a number of policies and directives written for the Guardian’s Office which later became Network Orders or appropriately NWOs for the Office that replaced it given the Orwellian name of the “Office of Special Affairs” formerly led by Mike Rinder who has become an avid critic of Scientology who now has turned and is now part of what his former associate Mark Rathbun correctly calls the “AntiScientology Cult”.

The same Mike Rinder who directed the ire of OSA mainly toward critics of the subject. True an annoying bunch of nere-do-wells and assorted losers but really no threat to the organization.

Read about Mike’s tactics in Alt-Scientology War.

Mike Rinder had taken a rogue action like “Operation Freak Out” and basically turned it into OSA’s modus operandi.

That is the same dirty tricks played on the dearly sainted “martyr” of the Anti-Scientology  Cult Paulette Cooper multiplied ten times.

I’ll get back to PC. Former Harvard Psychologist and possible accessory to the CIA’s mind fucking program known as Mk Ultra at another time.

Personally I’ve always wondered why the GO would waste time on PC when the fact is that there more vocal opponents of the Church that were far more literate like William S Burroughs for example.

But as they say. “There’s nothing to see folks”. For now.

So let’s go back “Mr. Rinder” who became when he took over from Mary Sue Hubbard and the GO Miscavige’s answer to Himmler. Think not? Then read the SP Times’ puff piece on The Man Behind Scientology.

For twenty years he supported his false succession to the “head of Scientology” according to Ted Koppel and got out after causing as much damage as he could to the organization.

Now he claims he was “only following orders”. I mean where have we heard this before?

Like his friend Marty Rathbun he tries to make the case that he was totally Svengalied like some mindless puppet under the hypnotic command of an ignorant high school drop out with the social skills of an orangutan who all by himself turned the whole management structure of Scientology into a bunch of spineless jelly fish.

I won’t dwell on the absurdity of the “lone Miscavige theory” as my topic here is Michael Rinder who seems to be complaining about many of actions that he himself initiated and then turns around and blames the old Man for his stupidity.

Anyway going back to the Dark Side of Scientology. Back to a time before the Organization was infiltrated by the US Government and practically run by the IRS with the help of the Deep State “Intelligence” Community.

Before the time of the likes of Tony Ortega who aside from obsessively whining about Scientology seems to be taking down the Alternative Media of this country one publication at a time or deep state sell outs Wright and Gibney or the somnolent sleeper agent Rumpelstiltskin Paul Haggis who claims it took him three decades to wake up to the “evils” of Scientology.

That said. As anyone knows who has actually read the policies or directives. There are some that are directed toward the merchant of chaos aka anti-social personality aka suppressive person and what to do if such individuals infiltrate the Scientology organizations or attack it.

Mike Rinder obviously like to pretend that such people don’t exists and that things are just naturally fucked up and that someone like Adnan Khashoggi is a “nice guy” or at least that what he told me he felt about him after giving a tour of the Flag Land Base don’t exist.

I mean shit just happens. No one ever profits from criminality and war. Perish the thought!

Long before Rinder became the Henreich Himmler of OSA and began chasing minnows. The Church of Scientology’s Guardian’s Office was dealing with real sharks and barracudas. Over one hundreds thousand Government documents since released by the FOIA prove this out.

Where was Mikie and his friends? They were putting together a conspiracy to take over the Scientology organization and kiss up to the powers that be by eliminating the deep state’s biggest headache that is the GO. Think not? Read the transcript of the high school drop out’s speech in October of 1993 and see who he now calls his BFF.

But hey if anyone thinks Mike’s such a great guy and that his friends are something else by all means read his blog and enjoy.


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