Auditing Oneself

Well thanks to the Church’s diligent effort to create a scarcity of auditors first with the Golden Age of Tech and now with what I call their mop up operation “Golden Age of Tech  ‘Phase II'”. Auditors have not only become the “most valuable beings on the planet” but also extremely rare as well.

It seems now with the schism in between the Scientology organization and the field that there are very few auditors to go around these days. Many who still are members of the Organization now have all these arbitraries like the basics and the new Student Hat to do before they can ever get to do the useless and mind numbing “Standard Tech” Training Drills in order to get their certs which have been illegally canceled back.

Those who have since left are probably afraid to put up a shingle for fear that OSA may come knocking down their like some SWAT team doing a “no knock raid”.

Others are “auditing” in a fashion by offering an altered version of Scientology mixed with The Secret and other New Age remedies or running actions that they are not properly trained to do like NOTs or the L’s or whatever while over charging almost as much as the Org.

In other words it’s really a mess out there. Especially if one wants to continue up the Grade Chart or more basically just make case gain.

That said. There is a solution to all this and that is to audit oneself. Not self audit which is something different but doing those processes that Ron personally designed to be run solo outside of the commonly known “Solo Levels”.

For instance Self Analysis is one example or even lock scanning which is covered in Science of Survival.

There are also various objective processes one can run on oneself particularly those covered in the early PABs such as PAB 7 and of course there is Hand Book For Preclears.

In other words there are many auditing actions one can take on oneself until we can train some more auditors or the Church of Scientology goes back to actually doing …. Scientology.


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