Regarding Dead Line Earth

Mike Rinder was at one time considered one of the guiding lights of what was called the “Scientology Independence Movement” just prior to this decade.

I personally had my qualms about this whole thing. As my own definition of Scientologist   aligned with L Ron Hubbard’s which is basically someone who actually applies Scientology to basically improve conditions.

More can be said and will be said but for now I’ll move on to the main topic of discussion here and that is of course Rinder who not only has a bone to pick with the Organization but with the subject itself.

In other words he is not that much different from his friend Tony Ortega who is a total nut job and is directly involved in the Anti “Cult” Movement spawned by such luminaries as Jolly West , Margaret Singer and Martin Orne who are all former Mk Ultra alumni.

Again I could go on about these sleaze balls who pioneered various methods of mind control involving drugs, surgery and shock or PDH but I won’t for now. Suffice it to say that Rinder has fallen in with the wrong crowd to put it mildly while posing as a friend of the so called “Independence Movement” at least in the beginning back when I used to comment on his blog under the handle “RJ”.

In fact there are still people who believe this like for example Dan Koon former head of RTRC who began altering the tech or squirreling the tech prior to Miscavige’s reign over the organization and Steve Hall former Golden Era Productions staff at the International Base who prior to Rinder’s blog had started the website Scientology Cult that also began as a critique of the Organization but now runs various articles which are totally critical of the subject and its Founder that include Karen de la Carriere’s “Surviving Scientology” youtube series which in my opinion is a font of disinformation.

Of course the Church of Scientology gives these people credibility by posting their names on STAND which is the off spring of Religious Freedom Watch by “dead agenting” them. Showing us their total misunderstanding of what dead agenting really means but instead what it has come to mean which is “character assassination”.

At some point I’ll do an article on the difference between the two for those who are unfamiliar with the term and how it differs from Black Propaganda techniques used by intelligence agencies in an effort to discredit a source.

Anyway back to Mike Rinder who published a recent article on his blog on a piece entitled Deadline Earth which was published in Auditor Magazine 79 sometime in the mid sixties. For anyone who remembers that period should remember such things as “duck and cover”, the “Cuban Missile Crisis” , “MAD” which stood for “Mutually Assured Destruction”, “ICBMs” etc and the fact that both the Soviets and Americans had enough Nuclear Weapons poised on hair trigger response that could wipe us all out a hundred times over.

A situation that was well satirized by the movie Dr Strangelove.

However Rinder seems be either blissfully ignorant or suffers from selective amnesia of that period in history when he attacks Hubbard for writing such an article.

Who knows if it was Scientology that kept us from committing nuclear suicide but the fact is that during that time we were on the verge of it.

As they say “desperate times require desperate measures” and who’s to say that that article which may have contributed to the rapid expansion of Scientology along with the burgeoning Peace Movement that was occurring simultaneously didn’t push us away from the brink.

The fact is that it didn’t hurt to make people in Scientology aware of the precariousness of the situation.

At least its better than sticking one’s head in the sand and pretend such a dangerous epoch never existed which Rinder seems to do in his efforts to spread vitriol about the subject.


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