Schism (Part IV)

To quote Phaedrus:

“Things are not always what they seem; the first appearance deceives many; the intelligence of a few perceives what has been carefully hidden.”

No doubt Ron felt he had been betrayed by the Guardian’s Office when he found that he could possibly be indicted as a coconspirator in a “Conspiracy” against the US Government.

He had been filming technical training films in the hot desert sun near La Quinta California and now he had been advised by his legal advisors that he must abandon this operation and basically go into hiding until it he was given the all clear.

“All Clear” was the name of the mission that was assigned to David Miscavige. We don’t know if the MOs or Mission Orders were actually written by the Old Man or by his aide Pat Broeker who along with his wife Annie accompanied Ron to a ranch just outside of San Luis Obispo near the small farming community of Creston California.

We see in the brief history of Scientology. Ron going off the line followed by the organization pretty much going to hell in a hand basket forcing him to come back and sort the scene out but now things were different with eleven members of the Guardian’s Office including his wife Mary Sue now under criminal indictment.

Coincidently and contemptuously Ron’s estranged son Ron DeWolf had launched a civil suit claiming that his father was either dead or mentally incompetent. A hard thing not to prove with Ron in seclusion or in hiding as the case may be trying to stay out of reach of federal prosecutors who were trying to make a connection between him and the GO.

Prior to this he had narrowly escaped an interagency task force of over a hundred agents  from from the INS, DEA, U.S. Customs, Coast Guard, and U.S. Marshals who were waiting for the Apollo’s arrival in Charleston South Carolina based on the frivolous charge that the ship was involved in smuggling drugs.

Garrison concludes in is book Playing Dirty that in reality the  actual “principal objective of the federal team was to serve a  subpoena on L. Ron Hubbard. The subpoena related to the church’s civil tax case  against the Government in Honolulu. The idea was for the Justice Department  lawyers to interrogate Hubbard in a discovery process. It is quite possible also  that the agents were prepared, under some legal technicality, to take Hubbard  into custody.”

Yet Ron escaped the clutches of the feds by sailing to Freeport in the Bahamas instead when tipped off about the Federal Welcome Wagon that was awaiting him.

But now the forces of “law and order” wanted him in connection to the GO’s illegal activities which is probably why the defendants decided to plea nolo contendere to a “stipulation of evidence” instead of demand a fair trial by an impartial jury. Something they weren’t likely to find thanks to media’s smear campaign which began after the FBI raided the US Guardian’s office headquarters in Los Angeles.

None of it mentioning the fact that the GO had made many legal efforts prior to this trying to gain whatever the information they had on them legally through the FOIA and only after being rebuffed for “reasons of National Security” did they seek obtaining it through espionage.

I could go on about how the Government continues to illegally spy on the public in contravention of the US Constitution and the law yet when the tables are turned they become the clarions of “law and order”. More recently calling for the assassination of Julian Assange and taking extreme action against his whistle blower Wikileaks despite the First Amendment. But I won’t.

What I will say is that DO”J” was trying to make a case against Hubbard by possibly contriving a connection between him and the Guardian’s Office which is probably why he was advised to stay off the lines while his wife was being railroaded through federal court.

In the meantime members of an elite group composed of former LRH Commodore Messengers and others, like suspected List One  Rockslammer David Miscavige who all evidence suggests had a visceral hatred for Mary Sue Hubbard, calling itself the Commodores Messenger Org had “moved in” on the Guardian’s Office similar to the manner they would later move on the Mission Holders’. Using basically the same tactics the FBI used earlier by carrying out a coordinated raid of World Wide and Continental Guardian’s Offices led by the former Executive Director International Carry Gleason who would be  soon replaced by Bill Franks.

This was the so called “investigation” of the GO that was allegedly “ordered” by the Old Man yet who according to Miscavige in the puff piece the Man Behind Scientology didn’t find out about it until several months after the fact.

This was soon followed by a purge of Sea Org members which included Diana Hubbard’s husband David Horwich and others who prior to this had been considered loyal to the organization including Bill Robertson who was entrusted with Ron’s young son Arthur welfare while on various Sea Org tours carried out across North America.

Needless to say by this point many Scientologists were concerned about the future direction of Scientology and that a schism had begun even before the Mission Holders’ Conference.




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