Schism (Part III)

As I wrote earlier the schism began earlier than the infamous Mission Holders’ Conference which I said was late on the chain.

Historically there have been at least two previous efforts to seize control of the subject. At the time Dianetics. First by the Board of Directors of the Elizabeth New Jersey Hubbard Dianetics Research Foundation led by Dr. Joseph Winter. The man who wrote the original introduction to the book Dianetics the Modern Science of Mental Health. Winter and the Board objected to Ron’s further research into the possibility of past lives or earlier existences being reported by many Dianeticists.

To resolve this dispute Ron moved his research headquarters to the newly established Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation in Wichita Kansa run by Don Purcell a rich oil man who had enough money to keep the Foundation afloat if necessary but who instead drove it into bankruptcy and then was able to buy up the copyrights of the subject for a song.

In this case Ron had jumped from the frying pan into the fire.

However unfazed by this legal wrangling he moved his operations back to his home in Camden New Jersey and began to give courses on this new subject that he was in the process of developing and originally introduced in Wichita that he called Scientology and as they say the rest is history.

Purcell eventually relented by returning the Dianetic copyright back to its legal owner and Ron announced the fact in a series of lectures called the Reunification Congress given in Phoenix Arizona the new home of the Hubbard Association of Scientologists International in 1953 then in the following year a Scientologist by the name of J Burton Farber would establish the first Church of Scientology in Los Angeles California which became the “Mother Church” of all the Scientology organizations that would follow.

This would be the actual period of unprecedented expansion as Scientology would move from a handful of Organizations and Franchises introduced under the Franchise Program in latter part of the fifties to a few dozen in the sixties and on to close to two hundred in the seventies which one can see listed in the earlier editions of Scientology publications of that period.

In fact here in the US we can seen that the number of Scientology Franchises or Missions and Organizations has actually declined:


Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 1.09.39 PM

Contrary to the PR being generated by the current management.

For a further study I’ve attached ScientologyOrgComparison(USA)_1979vs2015 .

I will go into these numbers later in greater detail in a separate article. Currently they are just background music to this series of articles on the schism.

As we can the greatest decline has been the number of Missions or Franchises under the current management.

Obviously since the Mission Holders’ Conference the current management has made it more difficult and has increased the expense of operating a Franchise it has made it more difficult for the average Scientologist to operate one.

Thus it is obvious that this action seems to have had the most deleterious effect on Scientology organizationally.

However one must ask the question of how the current management managed to get into a position where they could run roughshod over the Mission Holders?

In other words the prior or earlier schism.

As we can see historically in the past Organizational schisms although they may have been disruptive at the time didn’t influence the forward progress of the Organization as a whole.

They can be looked on as anomalies or merely as bumps on the road to expansion.

The Organizational schism that occurred in the late seventies and early eighties wasn’t.

Many of us believe that the Guardian’s Office was set up by agent provocateurs who used the Snow White Program as an excuse to run an illegal espionage operation against the US Government. Of course we are told by former members of the coup who took over the Organization that this is just a “conspiracy theory”. Yet evidence suggests that they were waiting in the wings for the eventual collapse of the GO and actually covertly supported the move.

Take for example the key engineer, the Guardian Jane Kember who approved an ancillary project known as GO 1361 originated by Micheal Meisner who would later rat out his colleagues in the GO by becoming the sole witness for the Government in their so called “Stipulation of ‘Evidence'”.

Something I cover in greater detail on my other blog Spyontology in my series on the Guardian’s Office.

While Meisner would move onto obscurity Jane Kember would return to the good graces of the Organization after her ostensible “fall from grace” and her son Chaz Kember would rise in a position within the Organization to illegally cancel the certificates of Scientology Field auditors who were not practicing the squirrel practice of the subject known as the “Golden Age of Tech”. Something I will cover in greater detail at another time.

Again we are told in RJ 38 based on intelligence made available to Ron that new management threw the usurpers out but what if it was actually the other way around?

What if it was actually the Guardian’s Office that was trying to prevent the Organization from being taken over by a hostile group but because of “Operation Snow White” they had been discredited and disgraced to the point where they had been neutralized?

In the final and concluding part. I will explore this possibility which seems more likely as time goes on and the Organization continues to decline.


2 thoughts on “Schism (Part III)

  1. Thank you for this article. Amongst other things what struck me (though it is known to some extent) is that the US has 39 missions less now than in 1979. Not only no more missions appear but instead every year one mission closes down in the US.

    This alone can tell us why Scientology is in the condition it is.

    Also the ratio between Orgs and Mission back in 1979 was 1 to 6 whereas now it is not even 1 to 2.

    It is obvious how the Mission Conference of 1982 was instrumental in dismantling the mission network and thus thwarted the expansion of the grass roots movement of Scientology.


    1. Very true. The Conference virtually destroyed the Mission Network which is obvious but prior to that it was transferred to the tender mercies of the Sea Org under SMI when before that it was under Franchise Office WW which was directly under the control of the Controller and Guardian’s Office WW.

      As I’ll explain in part IV. We including Ron were led to believe that the Sea Org more specifically the Commodore’s Messengers Org was involved in a counter-coup against the GO when in fact they were involved in a coup.

      The fact is that documentary evidence confirms that the Guardian’s Office was originally assigned the duty of restructuring the Corporate Structure of Scientology and that a “Special Project” run out of ASI was initiated to thwart this effort.

      I’ll explain this in greater detail in my last installment.

      Anyway thanks for the kind words Theo.



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