Schism (Part II)

As Kjersti Hellesøy notes in his introduction quoted in part I:

With the founder and leader of CoS, L. Ron Hubbard, out of the scene, access to means of legitimation shifted from one (Hubbard) to many, something that facilitated the exit of so many otherwise dedicated Scientologist.

By “out of the scene” means that Ron was in “seclusion” as some say or “hiding” according to others.

In his own words he would say in 1983 in Ron’s Journal 38:

“So forgive me for not managing the Church when it almost fell into hostile hands.  It all came out all right.  Why? Because real Scientologists made sure it did.  My faith was justified.”

Or so it seemed according to the intelligence he was receiving from one Pat Broeker his personal aide who would later mysteriously vanish from the scene himself after being accused of forging a document making him Hubbard’s “First Loyal Officer“.

Thus evidence suggests that there was a concerted effort by the new management who took over to hide this schism from the Old Man by filtering communications to him that would be considered “entheta”. A truncation of enturbulated theta or loosely bad news.

In other words as the old Johnny Mercer tune goes they would “accentuate the positive. Eliminate the negative.”

We currently see this being carried out beyond the limits of credibility when they say to their captive public that the Organization has expanded more in the last decade than in the previous fifty.

Unfortunately Ron did not have the same access to the internet that we have today. Aside from the fact that he was fighting a two front legal battle with the US Government who was trying to indict him as a coconspirator in the GO debacle and an effort by his estranged son Ron DeWolf who through a bunch of shysters by the name of Flynn and Associates was attempting to assume full control of his estate by claiming he was either dead or incompetent.

More can be said and will be said in later articles but suffice it to say that the Old Man was somewhat distracted by current events and also by the fact that he was wrapping up his research into the upper levels of Scientology to bother with the day by day management concerns of the Organization.

The above introduction suggests that this was something new but the historically the fact is that Ron would delegate responsibility in the past and only jump back in when it was obvious that the Organization had gone off the rails.

Evidence of this can be found in directives leading up to the reissue of the policy Keeping Scientology Working and the issue of the policy Technical Degrades in the early seventies and followed by the HCOB Tech Correction Roundup in the latter part of the decade which went along with his view on how management should operate covered in the policy Organization; The Flaw.

Aside from the obvious distractions covered earlier was the likelihood that the current management who had taken over was intentionally creating a false perception that every thing was under control when in fact the Organization was experiencing a schism.

A schism that actually began before the notorious and infamous Mission Holders’ Conference which was actually partly an effort to suppress a rebellion or mutiny that was occurring within the lower ranks of Scientology.

Something that will be covered in part III of this article.


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