About WISE

WISE stands for World Institute of Scientology Enterprises created sometime in the late 1970’s and was originally placed under the Guardian’s Office’s Social Coordination Bureau along with Narconon and Criminon to promote the secular as in non-religious use of Scientology technology. More specifically in WISE’s case. The use of Hubbard’s Administrative Technology which is covered in the seven volume Set known as the Organizational Executive Course or OEC and the original two now three volumes of what is called the Management Series.

I won’t go on how the use of this technology had taken a small organization back in the fifties to what would become an international phenomenon consisting of a World Wide Network of organizations that at the time was the fastest growing new religious movement according to various sociologists.

All one has to do is study the history of the movement which has been compiled here by our good friends in the International Freezone or read the late Omar Garrison’s two books and even the collected works of critics of the subject to see that at one time Scientology was as popular as other social phenomena such as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Grateful Dead, Playboy Magazine, LSD etc which influenced the zeitgeist of the latter half of the twentieth century.

Anyway about WISE. Here we have Mr. Rinder in one of his more disingenuous modes.

Here he says:


WISE is one of the lost step-children of the scientology hierarchy. Out there in left field, the only real value they have had is to pull a couple of dental/chiropractic consultants under their wing and then pump them to get new people using LRH tech and then onto the Bridge to collect FSM Commissions.


Actually the truth is that WISE at one time was quite successful using a team of what were called “Hubbard Management Consultants” who spread the gospel of the secular use of Scientology Administrative technology in altered as in squirreled versions to various businesses and even some Government institutions.

One of these consultants operated and still does operate under the name of Sterling Management whom mainly consulted dentists and chiropractors which is probably the one he is referring to but even so they’re roster includes more than “a couple of dental/chiropractic consultants” which is probably more like a couple of hundred if not more.

All one has to do to verify this fact is get ahold of a copy of the WISE International  Directory.

It is not that I am promoting or supporting this squirrel fest that operates under the name of WISE in any way but it does seem that Mr Rinder has his cranium firmly placed in his rectum when he says:


“Not a single one of these successful companies is actually USING LRH tech. None.”


How does he know this? By telepathic osmosis? Or by some commutation from an all knowing orb? Or Akashic transfer?

The fact is that many businesses use anything from EST NKA Landmark to Taylorism and no doubt Hubbard as in Elbert and even Ron that pragmatically in their materialistic little minds “works” or in many cases seems to.

Any Scientologist familiar with Scientology Administration procedures perusing many of the training manuals used in business and even Government these days will find obscure but familiar references to “LRH Tech” amongst other things.

In most cases it is as it is in the Church of Scientology these days whatever gives their management and owners an edge over the indentured serfs they call “employees”.

For instance they take a policy like Rewards and Penances and almost totally ignore the awards aspect.

Many years ago in the original publication of the book Introduction to Scientology Ethics what was called “Willful Misapplication” was considered a crime. The specific example used was assigning penalties but not also granting awards and bonuses. Strangely we no longer find any reference to the above crime in any more recent editions of the same book.

In fact it used to be that at one time Ethics and Justice actions were applied more stringently at the highest levels of the Organization. This is no longer the case as we see in the case of David Miscavige who seems to be immune to any such action yet commits what are considered High Crimes and Suppressive acts on a daily basis.

Just as we see today in America where we have someone like for example Hillary Clinton with almost total immunity from being charged rightly with treason. As it is with the Executives of major companies who sell out their employees as well as their Nation at large and move their operations off shore.

For them having their sworn enemies in a Communist country assemble electronic and computational devices for “American” weapon’s systems just makes “good business sense” and supports their “bottom line”.

None dare call it treason!

But back to WISE whom Rinder claims is a “step child” of the current Scientology organization.

All one would have to do is look at their list of “Patrons”  who are financially supporting the alteration or squirreling of the technology via COB RTC and CTCC and find that the majority of these people are WISE members.

Many who have used the Church of Scientology’s ethics department to oppress their staff  the majority of who are Scientologists with unjust “justice” actions and defy various labor laws.

Take for example a company like Nationwide Title Clearing who would assign their staff two “hats” and would have them clock out on one and in on another to avoid paying overtime or the dearly departed “Model of Business Admin” Survival Insurance who would declare “mandatory leaves of absences” in place of paid vacations.

Yes such stellar examples of Scientology.




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