Squirrel vs Squirrel

See a recent article posted by Mike Rinder’s guest blogger who goes by the Nom de guerre of “Terra Cognito” where he or she gives his or her own interpretation of what Hubbard says about the influence of a Suppressive Person on a person and then creates a straw man argument by claiming that he never acknowledged the fact that bacteria and viruses play a major part in an illness when in fact he does.

The only point he makes is that suppression can predispose a person to various illnesses which is basically what he says in the book Science of Survival and later publications.

He has never said that bacteria or viruses aren’t a factor or don’t play a role in illness yet it seems that “Terra Cognita” would rather promote the logical fallacy that he does and use it as a basis for criticism of Scientology which is intellectually dishonest in the extreme.

In other words Hubbard doesn’t say as “Terra Cognito” claims that is a “Bug or Baddie” that is either /or but actually a combination of the two.

Why would Hubbard recommend that a person who is ill or injured see a doctor? As he does in the Auditors Code as well as other policies and technical bulletins relating to the handling of an ill or injured person or discuss the use of Penicillin as he does in a technical bulletin by the same name if he believed that the total cause of an illness was due to a “baddie”.

So what “Terra Cognito” does is display their own extremism on the topic. Not Hubbard’s; by ignoring spiritual  or mental aspects that could be factored in to the person’s decline physically by an injury or illness. In claiming that Hubbard claimed it can only be one or the other.

Yet this seems to be the usual rule of those “independents”. Say Hubbard said this when he didn’t and thus create a Straw Man in order to show their superiority over the subject.

They ironically like the current management of the organization claim that there is something wrong with the technology or that it needs “improvement” of some kind which gives them license to alter it.

The only difference is that what is known Scientologically as squirreling by the Church of Scientology has been institutionalized by acceptance and agreement of the current laity and the US Government by its “stamp of approval” and “Terra Cognito’s” squirreling is only accepted by Mike Rinder’s Amen Corner.

Maybe this is why “Terra Cognito” is “still not declared”. Since false concepts of Scientology abound within the Church of Scientology these days. They’d fit right in with the current state of the Church of Scientology.



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