9/11 Destroyed America by Paul Craig Roberts

The organization, under the direction of Mary Sue, employed – and actually had employed earlier than I returned from southern Africa – employed several professional intelligence agents who had long and successful professional backgrounds, and they looked into this matter for us, and the results of their activities – although still in progress – have told us all that we needed to know with regard to any enemy we had on this planet. Our enemies on this planet are less than twelve men. They are members of the Bank of England and other higher financial circles. They own and control newspaper chains, and they are, oddly enough, directors in all the mental health groups in the world which have sprung up. Now these chaps are very interesting fellows: They have fantastically corrupt backgrounds; illegitimate children; government graft; a very unsavory lot. And they apparently, sometime in the rather distant past, had determined on a course of action. Being in control of most of the gold supplies of the planet, they entered upon a program of bringing every government to bankruptcy and under their thumb, so that no government would be able to act politically without their permission.

The rest of their apparent program was to use mental health – which is to say, psychiatric electric shock and prefrontal lobotomy – to remove from their path any political dissenters. They were the people behind the Siberia bill, which almost passed the House of Representatives in the United States, and did pass, if I remember rightly, the Senate, which gave the power to any governor in — of any state in the United States simply to pick up anyone on the street and send him to Alaska. We defeated this Siberia bill and many other mental health quote-unquote “acts” of this character, but never really before knew from whom they were coming.

Anyway, these fellows have gotten nearly every government in the world to owe them considerable quantities of money, through various chicaneries, and they control of course income tax, government finance — Wilson, for instance, the current premier of England, is totally involved with these fellows, and talks about nothing else, actually. They organized these mental health groups which sprang up simultaneously all over the world, and anything that has mental health in it – in its name – or mental hygiene, or other things of that character, such names as that are all part of the organization which stems from these less than a dozen really men.

Ron’s Journal 67

20 September 1967

Anyone who hasn’t subscribed to Paul Craig Roberts blog. I recommend getting on his mailing list. The man in my opinion has a unique and penetrating insight on current events.

Here he attacks the subject of 9/11 which was considered a “terrorist attack” by the US Government but was it?

I personally have had many questions about what happened on that fall morning of 2001. None of them answered by the official story propagated by the Mainstream Media and later by the 911 Commission.

Like the Kennedy assassination I did my own research on the matter using what would be considered “alternative” sources of reference and since declassified documents which contradict the Warren Commission’s narrative. Like what happened in Dallas. Are we going to have to wait over half a century to even have an inking of what really happened on that fateful fall day in New York and at the Pentagon?
To quote Geoffrey Chaucer “murder will out”, maybe eventually but will out nonetheless.

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