The Gentrification of Scientology or the Lunatics Have Taken Over the Aslum

It’s hard to say when it all started. Dianetics and then Scientology in the beginning was DIY, meaning that one grabbed a copy of Dianetics the Modern Science of Mental Health and later the latest PAB (Professional Auditing Bulletin) and got somebody to co-(a truncation of cooperatively) audit with. Back then it was called the “Poor Man’s Psychotherapy”  then somewhere along the line someone decided to turn it into a money making racket.

Reading the policies and directives written by the Old Man. One can easily see that he preferred that people to get trained which is to learn the theory, methodologies and procedures of Scientology and Dianetics. Though he knew that quite a number would prefer to just simply to receive auditing or counseling. No matter how much the idea of getting trained was promoted to the public in general.

Also auditors who were being trained at the various organizations were beginning to audit professionally. In other words hang up a shingle and practice in the field.

Back then pretty much all of the auditing was done by what were called Field Auditors  who could upgrade their skills by signing up for Advanced Clinical Courses offered by Ron himself who would personally brief them on the latest technical developments in Dianetics and Scientology.

Many of these cases receiving auditing in the field would if audited well would sign up for training in the subject. Also it may be hard to believe these days but there also was what was called the “Free Scientology Center” where auditors could practice their skills on Preclears free of charge.

Dianetics and Scientology back then was in perpetual motion and continued to expand until sometime in the eighties when new management or as I like to call them the Sea Org Junta concentrated on selling auditing which was a big ticket item. Yet the only people who could actually afford to buy auditing were the very rich and so the focus shifted from making Orgs or Organizations more appealing to the got bucks crowd which usually consisted of those who manipulated the World’s economies in their favor by speculation, monetization, financialization and rent seeking means or those who were involved in illicit enterprises that were highly profitable because they were illegal or those who laundered funds on their behalf.

In other words people who hadn’t performed an honest days work in their lives.

One’s who had committed so many transgressions that they sought to ease their burden of crimes against humanity by seeking counseling.

Before Dianetics and Scientology. One would find such people on the couch of some high priced Psychoanalyst on Park Avenue in New York. Ones dear old papa Freud would call “lunatics”. Defined by Ron as:


LUNATICS, the characteristics of a lunatic is one-way-help-inflow. They don’t want to help anyone. They only want to be helped. The moment you insist they help others they either (a) vanish or (b) do so and get well fast. (HCO PL 3 Dec 64)


These would include such people as John D Rockefeller and George Soros and others climbing up the social ladder over the backs of the poor and downtrodden by throwing them out of their homes with a process known as gentrification.

It seems the Church of Scientology has moved in a similar direction. Some say that it began with Tom Cruise telling David Miscavige how disgustingly “downstat” the Paris Celebrity Centre or Org or whatever was and he right on the spot hatched the idea for “Ideal Orgs”.

Problem with many Scientologists is that they are “Simple Little Thetans” who live in a complex world. Many like a nice uncomplicated narrative that explains everything which is probably why many of them embrace the idiocy of Occam’s Razor and believe that David Miscavige is totally responsible for the decline of Scientology.

The fact is that this tendency to gentrify the Church of Scientology began long before the stupidity of “Ideal Orgs”.

Back in the late eighties plans were drawn up the make Celebrity Center International and the Manor Hotel in Los Angeles a “showcase” org even though the place was bursting at the seams with public. However according to the “brain trust” at International Management it was the wrong public I guess. So they spent a lot of time and money on renovating the place.

When they finished they actually bragged about the fact that the mirrors were gilded with actually gold leaf.

After they finished all this work they jacked up the price of accommodations at the Manor Hotel which up until was a cheap and affordable for most Scientologists to stay while they did services at the various Orgs in the LA Area.

And just like the victims of gentrification on a broader scale in various neighborhoods across America. The moderate or low income Scientologists had to go somewhere else.


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