Going Mainstream; Scientology and Hill & Knowlton

I’ll be doing a more in depth article on my other blog Spyontology ,Scientology and the CIA with all kinds of links and footnotes and everything. For now it’s just me from my perspective which is what this blog is all about.

According to the late Miles Copeland Scientology has had a long and insidious connection with dear old mother “K”, going back to the early fifties when the Office of Policy Coordination was transferred from the State Department to the Directorate of Planing and Policy. Actually “Planing and Policy” was a  just a deception since its actual function was covert action in the political sphere.

One of the fronts in this secret war was Mullen and Associates of which many of these associates would transfer to Hill and Knowlton. Another PR firm that was pretty much a front for covert political action.

This was the same company that came out with the totally false babies being thrown out of incubators stories which rallied congress behind George Bush Sr’s war in Iraq.

Call it the Tonkin Bay Resolution of the nineties. Completely fabricated “intel” that would lead America into another quagmire. This time in the middle east.

Ironically the year before this they had dropped the Scientology account because it was causing PR blowback or so we are told by the media whores who are constantly in bed with the Government.

Funny how many media lies are embraced as the “unvarnished truth” by many “Scientologists” who leave the organization only to join the other cult known as the Anti Cult Movement forming the false dialectic that CIA and other intelligence agencies like to exploit.

But I digress.

Anyway as I was saying. The irony was so thick when H & K closed the Scientology account which was much like a high priced call girl being concerned about her reputation.

As I said. More on H & K over at my other blog.

Back to Scientology and more specifically the Sea Org Junta that seized control of the Organization on behalf of as the late Ingo Swann would say “you know who” but I’ll get to them later.

For those who don’t know. The Old Man researched the subject of Publics Relations and issued a series appropriately called the PR Series allowing any idiot to learn something about the subject of PR.

In my opinion it was quite a tour de force having read it myself, but it seems the Sea Org Junta AKA “International (mis) Management” weren’t just any idiots. They were idiots with a plan and that was to take Scientology “mainstream” and they felt they could facilitate that by hitching their wagon to the fixers at H&K who also by the way had an account with the malevolent clown Ronald MacDonald who makes Stephen King’s harlequin in his novel It  seem mild in comparison to the destruction that Ronnie and those big golden arches have wreaked on society in general.

MacDonalds is the tip of the spear of what is called Globalism. Them along with Pepsico and others want to make the world a giant strip mall. The evil character Ernst Stavo Blofeld of Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels of the diabolical and devious  SPECTRE have nothing on these guys!

Anyway this was back in the late eighties when for some reason the “brain trust” at Int Management as it was called briefed us on the fact that they had signed up with H & K and this was supposedly a “good thing” sort of like years later having the “Government stamp of approval”. The same company that held the sacred account of Micky Ds.

Their plan was if anyone could believe it was to make Scientology’s “S” and double triangle  as popular as those big Golden Arches basically by becoming like MacDonalds which meant to anybody who know anything to embrace total conformity.

About the time they compared delivering Scientology auditing to serving up a Big Mac I became incensed by their stupidity.

Yet we see years later with the advent in that abomination of the “Golden Age of Tech” that this is their concept of what is called “Standard Tech” which is total conformity.

Forget about “auditing the PC in front of you” or  spending long hours “studying cases” or “paralleling the PC’s mind” or reading thousands of HCOBs and listening to hundreds of lectures. All one had to do is follow a script of some kind devised by a bunch of morons in RTRC and promoted by the big moron in charge of RTC and PCs would magically go OT.

“OT” being in this case some kind of spiritual special secret sauce of some kind!

Like David Mayo. H&K leaves its influence on the current scene in Scientology.



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