Fake History

Along with what is called “fake news” a pejorative used by mainstream media services which found it turned back on them when they began to attack what are called “Alternative News” sources. There is what is called “Fake History”.

In many cases “Fake History” could be called the “Official Story” which in many cases is used to cover up what really happened.

For instance let’s take a look at the famous Zupruder film. The one that graphically shows the final kill shot that hits JFK. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that it would be impossible for it come from the notorious Texas School Book Depository which is directly behind the President?

Then of course more recently there is what is called Nine Eleven which unlike the Warren Commission took a demand from the public to convene one. Probably because a Commission report would be received with the same amount of incredulity and suspicion as the previous Warren Commission report on the Kennedy assassination.

Actually they were wrong the reaction was actually even worse than they anticipated!

In fact the Government really had to scramble to “debunk” the various “conspiracy theories” generated by various “Conspiracy Theorists” of this one event.

To counter this attack on what they probably consider their god given right to convey the “truth” to “the masses” they enlisted the help of various authors, publications and News Papers that they considered to be “respected” and “authoritative” enough to prevaricate or more bluntly lie on their behalf.

One of them was Lawrence Wright. A man who would later write what many laughably consider a “definitive” book on Scientology and its founder L Ron Hubbard. Much of it based on a cache of documents stolen by one Gerald Armstrong allegedly from L Ron Hubbard’s personal collection of documents that he stashed in the back of a pick up truck.

Again it seems no one has asked the obvious question and that is why would the Old Man keep what would seem to be a batch of incriminating documents in his possession which would “prove” that he was a “liar” and a “con artist” and even worse ask as Armstrong says that a “biography” be composed from these derogatory and defamatory documents?

By the way many of these “documents” have never been independently verified for their provenance or lack thereof but they have been used constantly by various so called “biographers” and “historians” prior to Wright.

Many like Wright with deep dark connections to the “intelligence community”. An oxymoron to be sure since it seems that their goal is to spread disinformation and propaganda instead of what would be considered actual intelligence or information.

An action one would expect from a police state like say Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia. Not from what is considered a “transparent democracy”.

Take a look at this poor excuse for a “search engine” called google owned by a mega corporation known as Alphabet which many of us know is deeply in the the pocket of the above “intelligence community”.

I tried typing “Lawrence Wright lies about 911” and all I got were congratulatory articles about how Mssr Wright won a Pulitzer Price etc. Nothing derogatory until I specifically added “Bandito Books“. Funny that their super dooper algorithm would miss that when typing “lies” connected to Lawrence Wright’s fictional narrative about 9/11.

One that would totally debunk his contrived connection between the alleged Al-Qaeda hijackers and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Seems Mr. Wright had absolutely no interest in what were considered the actual perpetrators of 911 even according to the “official story”. Much like an author saying they had no interest in Lee Harvey Oswald when investigating the Kennedy assassination!

Anyway my conclusion after reading Wright’s Looming Tower of Bullshit (my title all rights reserved) was that aside from supporting the official story. He was trying to create a non-existent linkage between the World Trade Center bombing which was carried out in the early nineties and the more recent World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. Much like he does with Going Clear and the Prison of Belief.

In this case the “Prison of Belief” he unintentionally maybe refers to himself and his impressionable readers who are already fervent members of the Anti-Scientology and Hubbard cult. True believers who are unwilling to let facts get in the way of their beliefs.

If one is expecting new information other than the fallowed well salted fields of such “historians” and “biographers” as Miller and the appropriately named Bent Corydon and Jon Atack who have based their narratives on Armstrong’s fake files will be thoroughly disappointed or maybe not since it would confirm their faith.

The only thing new is the author’s take on Miscavige whom I have already wasted a sentence on. He is as I’ve said before epitomizes the mad cult leader, so much loved by the mainstream media who have placed him in that stellar position.

Saying that someone like Miscavige represents Scientology. Is like saying that Torquemada represents Christianity.

That said. It really doesn’t matter since the faithful will lap up this false history like scripture.

Much like the true believers in UFO Phenomena lapped up the Majestic 12 “Documents” that say the Government has been colluding with extraterrestrials since the late 1940’s.

Two sides of the same coin. As far as false history. The only difference being is that the former is more accepted by the mainstream probably because it is considered more acceptable than in “believing” in UFOs.

Despite the advent of what is jokingly called the “Information Superhighway” where disinformation from “intelligence” and other Government sources is allowed to run rampant in what is called an “encyclopedia” for the internet Wikipedia.

My advice is get a copy of the latest edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica or get a subscription to their site and place a minus sign in front of “Wikipedia” so as to avoid possible mental infection from their borg like hive of collectivist drivel where any idiot can amend any article and usually does.

Real history is recorded  in actual verifiable documents from actual archives obtained through the freedom of information act that can be found at such places as the Black Vault, Cryptome Wikileaks and the National Security archives plus various electronic reading rooms provided from the various agencies or from the NARA and not from the back of a pick up truck.



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