Scientology Vs The Church of “Scientology”


(Reissued from Flag Order 800)

Keeping Scientology Working Series 29


There is one Tech and that is Standard Tech.

Unfortunately there is other tech around. This other tech is a liability. Other tech is defined as any tech which is not Standard Tech.

Let’s start punching this hard.

“Religion of Scientology” and “Church of Scientology” shall not necessarily be co-

terminal. That is to say, the terms “religion of Scientology” and “Church of Scientology”

shall be co-terminal only so long as churches of Scientology continue, in the opinion of L.

Ron Hubbard during his lifetime, and in the opinion of all of the Directors and Trustees

following the death of L. Ron Hubbard, to espouse, propagate and practice the religion of





Bylaws of the Church of Spiritual Technology

7 June 1982

It is no surprise that many people confuse Scientology with the organization that according to David Miscavige the nominal “head” of “Scientology” at least according to the mainstream media is an organization that has received “government stamp of approval” calling itself the Church of “Scientology”.

By the way this Church doesn’t proselytize the “Religion of Scientology” but something called the “Scientology Religion”. See what was originally a noun converted or transposed to an adjective.

What is Scientology?

Well according to the Church of Spiritual Technology a corporation incorporated in 1982 and assigned control of Hubbard’s copyrights the legal definition of Scientology is:



“Religion of Scientology” and “Scientology” shall mean the religious doctrines, beliefs, tenets, practices, applied religious Philosophy and technology for application as developed by L. Ron Hubbard and as the same may hereafter be developed by L. Ron Hubbard.


Note that there is no mention of the “Scientology Religion”.

What is also interesting is that less than three years after the IRS granted the coveted 501Ciii status to this new entity that Miscavige as the Chairman of the Board for the Religious Technology Center who’s purpose according to its own bylaws is to:


espouse, present, propagate, practice, ensure and maintain the purity and integrity of, the religion of Scientology, as the same has been developed and may be further developed by L. Ron-Hubbard


RTC ordered the development of a new technology that they called the “Golden Age of Tech” that was “Based on the Works of L Ron Hubbard”.

As anyone knows who has ever seen a movie that was “based” on some novel that in many cases the film and the book are rarely the same thing except maybe in name only.

For an example that is maybe closer to home read Hubbard’s Battlefield Earth and watch the abomination if one can of the “movie” allegedly “based” on that work.

In most cases movies based on whatever book is usually a disappointment for anyone who has ever actually read the book. In the case of Battlefield Earth even more so.

Such was the case with the so called “Golden Age of Tech” as we move from the above analogy.


Here we have a series of drills oxymoronically known as “‘Standard Tech’ Training Drills” developed by what was called RTRC meaning Ron’s or L Ron Hubbard’s Technical Research and Compilations at the behest of RTC.
Not that “developing” drills was any thing new. In fact it was a very common practice back in the early 1960’s. As we see in the except from the HCO POLICY LETTER OF 16 APRIL 1965 Issue II:


The only allowed practical drills on any Scientology course including PE are:

  1. Modified Comm Course for PEe
  2. Original Comm Course TRs 0-4.
  3. Original Upper Indoc TRs.
  4. E-Meter drills contained in The Book of E-Meter Drills.
  5. Dissemination drills when I write and release them.

NO other practical drills of any kind will be permitted.

Other practical drills are abolished. Reasons: They consume time uselessly, suppress actual processes and mess up data and cases. I did not develop or author- ize these drills and have now seen that they teach alter-is of easy processes. They are not needed. They make poor auditors. I have just reviewed this matter thoroughly and have traced several training failures to these wildcat drills. Further, I traced several failed cases on course to them.

Somewhere along the line somebody went mad inventing “drills” and “TRs. “

If this is permitted to continue, we will no longer turn out good auditors. The standard drills as listed above have proven sufficient for years.


It seems that the policy was very clear and should have ended the debate about using “drills” developed by any one other than Hubbard but in the early 1970’s a whole new series of for the most part time wasting “drills” were “developed” at the request of the former Directors of the Church of Scientology at the time and issued as “Board Technical Bulletins” or BTB  known as the “Auditor ‘Expertise’ Drills”:


AUDITOR EXPERTISE DRILLS, drills to improve the quality of auditing by familiarizing auditors with the exact procedure of each auditing action through the use of drills. These drills are numbered as Expertise Drill-1 (ED-1), Expertise Drill-2 (ED-2), etc.(BTB 20 Jul 74)

Dianetic and Scientology Technical Dictionary

These “drills” insinuated their way into all levels of Scientology auditor training making it seem “endless”  obviously because in 1978 Ron stepped and canceled the check sheets which included them and issued the LRHED entitled THE END OF ENDLESS TRAINING along with check sheets for each individual Scientology level of Scientology training:


B.P.L. 18 Oct 76RD URGENT – IMPORTANT Rev. 10 Sep 78

For some years Orgs have been suffering from a shortage of

Because of this, HGC backlogs have increased and the pubIfc
Is being denied auditing.

Earlier this year I evaluated this auditor shortage scene.
The BASIC WHY of all this is:

now handled this.


Each checksheet has been stripped down to the key materials
the student needs in order to audit that Level.

Starrates and twin checkouts are not given on these
courses. Good stiff coaching is a must.

The Student Hat Is a requisite for Level O and the new
shorter checksheets then demand that study tech is applied
and applied fully for a fast but thorough route through the
training on O-IV.

The emphasis is on the basics, with tough drilling of the
student on the skills of the level he’s studying — and
then getting him in the chair!

In the old days an auditor, given the basics, learned to
audit by AUDITING. It still holds true today.

You can stuff a student with theory until it’s coming out
of her ears but you won’t have an auditor until he AUDITS.
You can even put thim through all the drills that have ever
been dreamed up and you still won’t have an auditor until

We’ve had the datum for some time that a student too long
on the runway is going to lose the spark and zeal he
started out with.

The new, shorter checksheets are geared to that datum.

The direction we’re going in is — we’re going to MAKE

To sweeten the handling and to answer any possible
complaints that we are going to make “quickie” auditors, I
also developed for the Academy Levels NEW TECH, got the
bulletins out and put them on these checksheets.

A sample follows:



We are into a new echelon of Service Facsimile running with
the issuance of the new Level IV Checksheet.

At Saint Hill in the mid-60s many, many Service Facs were
found on each pc and the earliest Service Facsimile running
included the use of Dianetics.

In recent past years some of this tech has become submerged.
I have again researched this level of processing, with the
result that Service Facsimile handling has now been restored
to its full technology.

The new Level IV Checksheet includes new HCOBs which give
the full anatomy and handling of Service Facs. For this
Level the student will need to have done the New Era
Dianetics Course.

Service Fac handling now calls for many Service Facs to be
found on each pc, and with New Era Dianetics added to full
Service Facsimile procedure we will now audit out each
Service Fac at its very roots.

You will be turning out Class IV auditors capable of
bringing about complete character changes in their pcs with
the use of this vital, now complete, tech.

Yet another innovation is the introduction of the Mini List
of Processes for each level.

Each of the checksheets now includes a Mini List of
Processes and actions which the student audits to
demonstrate his auditing skill at that level.

The Mini Lists ensure that he can apply these skills and
are an additional factor in speeding up the training route.

So fill up your courses. Get your students onto these
checksheets and through them and onto the new Class IV
Interneship. And from there into your HGC.


The Class IV Interneship is now geared, correctly, to pure

Needless repetition of theory items which have already been
covered by the student have been deleted.

The checksheet is very short indeed.

The Interne gets into the chair almost immediately and onto
the business of polishing his skills to become a flubless


We are and always have been in the business of training
auditors. We can now do so more swiftly and efficiently
than ever.

The planet is waiting. Let’s get on with it.

For the time when the above ED was in force there was an upsurge in training until the “brain trust” at the Church of Scientology decided to mess with a good thing.

Some speculate that it was the unfortunate death of Lisa McPherson that brought about this change but the fact is that the eager little beavers or more accurately squirrels over at RTRC were busy altering the tech since the late eighties turning water into wine or probably more appropriately vice versa by reissuing former BTBs and relabeling them as “HCOBs” despite the fact that Hubbard probably never saw or approved them since he had departed from his mortal coil the previous year.

Also they issued a new series of Technical Volumes in 1991 with many of the above newly minted “HCOBs” along with various “corrections” that couldn’t have possibly been ordered by LRH since they appeared several years after his demise. That is. Unless RTC and RTRC like Captain Bill Robertson (a former Scientology officer who started the Freezone and will be discussed in later articles) they were claiming some psychic connection to Old Man.

Anyway these “drills” like a virulent virus began to infect all aspects of Scientology Auditor training replacing actions and procedures given in the actual HCOBs.

What is known as Standard Tech by definition according to the HCO BULLETIN OF 23 AUGUST 1968 ARBITRARIES:


Any arbitrary entered into any line is a way to stop that line.

An auditor doing a job of auditing suddenly enters an arbitrary such as “The pc now has a grief charge so he must have a withhold as I’ve just cleaned up ARC breaks.” Or any such wild think. This arbitrary would stop that pc’s case right now.

You get all there is to know about tech from HCOBs, tapes, books.

This is all.

Here’s one—when the needle on an E-Meter read in the response to an auditor’s question, all you know is that the needle on the E-Meter read. That’s all you know. Now in the next few seconds you will prove out, as to whether the read was to the question or to something else like a protest. To assume anything else in regard to meter reads is an arbitrary and will close up that pc with a bang.

That’s the data. Knock off all the arbitraries NOW.

Punch in hard standard tech. Standard tech is that tech which has absolutely no arbitraries.

For instance one blatant example was the inclusion of running the process known as “justifications” as part of “Standard” Rudiment Procedure. An action that was originally part of Grade IV but later incorporated into Confessionals and the False Purpose Rundown which are both considered major actions as opposed to what are called “Rudiments”.

Yet in the HCO BULLETIN OF 10 SEPTEMBER 1968 “STANDARD” TECH DATA, Ron specifically says:

Standard action in handling Green Form ARC Brks PTP and M/W/H (a) Itsa (b) If not cleared on Itsa get the basic on the chain. All GF and L and ruds follow this rule. A process is not used except ARC break ARCU CDEI.

In regard to the penultimate quote. As we can see from an exhaustive study on training that not only did these arbitraries entered into the drilling of technical actions stop many a PC and Pre OT’s progress “with a bang” but also the training of auditors.

Yet despite what looks like the intentional sabotage of the training of Auditors in the Church of “Scientology”. The “brain trust” over at the Church has issued what they call “Golden Age of Tech Phase II”.

It seems in my opinion that “Phase I” did not effectively stop all auditor training so they felt obligated to initiate “Phase II” which seems like a mopping up operation which is defined in Collins Dictionary as:


an operation after a battle or campaign to root out remaining enemy forces or installations
Troops have been carrying out a mopping-up operation around the village where the battle took place.
The “enemy” in this case being trained auditors!
So successful has this campaign against auditor training been that there are very few if any auditors who are actually being trained or in this case even being mis-trained by the “Golden Age Tech” method.
Many so called “Ideal Orgs” do not have trained auditors on staff. So in most cases they send their cases to a higher organization such as Flag or have them endlessly audit objective processes on a co-audit basis until they are eligible to receive what they currently call “Super Power”.
Either that or they are placed on what is called the “Basics”. A “Basic” course which rivals the Saint Hill Briefing Course in size yet isn’t designed to make a Scientology Auditor. In other words the student is endlessly emerged in the theory of Scientology with out any thought to actual application of the subject. Anyone who has listened to what are called the “study tapes”  especially where having a balance of mass and significance is discussed.
Other than that. In order to keep their dwindling public endlessly amused while getting them to “reach for their next service” which usually if not always entails some expensive auditing action. They have resorted to having various seminars given by business men and women. It seems the idea of actually training to be an auditor as a profession or becoming a Field Staff Member or FSM has been tossed down the same memory hole as “Standard Tech”.
More can be said and will be said later about this shift in the Church of Scientology from an “applied philosophy” to just another trendy New Age Cult.
For now suffice it to say that this war against training auditors and urging Scientologists to co-audit so that they don’t have to purchase expensive auditing from the Church of “Scientology” has succeeded in turning their public in the direction that most corporations have gone and that is consumerism.
The day of the Scientologist being a self reliant contributing member of the Organization have long since gone and they have for the most part become clinics:




(Originally written by LRH on 3 Dec 64. Issued

as an HCO Policy Letter on 23 Apr. 80.)



The whole forward thrust of the boom depends upon:

  1. Getting books to orgs.
  2. Heavily, even extravagantly, advertising books and filling the orders.
  3. Running an excellent Academy.

Getting books to orgs depends on me, on Pubs Orgs and upon orgs making sure they’re ordered and paid for. If we take care to do just those things we’ll see (1) above hugely successful.

Advertising books depends on intelligent adherence to the price-membership scheme, the Registrar pushing the advantage of membership with every breath. The HCO Exec Sec and Org Exec Sec are in the best position to see this doesn’t choke off. The department heads and staff get their bonus indirectly by an org driving in a heavy volume through ads and books and the alertness of the HCO Exec Sec and Org Exec Sec. Pubs Orgs also have a vested interest in books flowing. Thus this point is cared for.

As for the Academy, it may not at first be visible why this has a dissemina- tion value about 150 times that of an HGC. The following are long established data:

  1. Students disseminate. Pcs don’t.
  2. High income in orgs has always occurred when the Academy was good.

And when the Academy really did its job the income was continued. HGCs can receive a good income from the public, bad or good, but the flow of income suddenly shuts off when processing has been poor for 6 months. There is a 6-months lag and then a depression caused by a poor HGC. The lag is about 1 week on a sour Academy. I never have fathomed how the public finds out so fast about a bad Academy beyond knowing students disseminate and pcs don’t.

c. The only thing which ever gets us into public trouble is an HGC. If we had no HGCs we would almost never have a ripple of discontent from the powers that be. Why? Because an HGC brings us the failed cases of the AMA-BMA psy- choquacks. Thus we gather the lunatic fringe around orgs. One can never really dis- cover the bad cases until they’re processed and then it’s too late. The characteris~icof a lunatic is one-way-help-inflow. They don’t want to help anyone. They only want to be helped. The moment you insist they help others they either (a) vanish or (b) do so and get well fast.

The dear laughable old buffoons, the psychiatrists, shut the door on their own boom with insisting on “12 years of training (in meat carving) to make a psychiatrist.” They made patients into patients forever and “trained” their stu- dents forever.

You nlust let people help or you condemn them utterly.

d. The original plan, 1950, was to train people on short courses, let them go out and get some experience and then let them come back and be trained. By

1959 only I was doing this, with ACCs. We had too few courses.

We now have a remedy for this with streamlined Academy checksheets fol- lowed by internships, then the Briefing Course and Class VIII Course.


It will now be seen that an organization potentially will make a larger staff unit from training than processing due to the lesser number of technical staff members required.

This is purposely designed. A boom depends on training, not processing.

The high auditing fee is maintained to deter pcs while shunting them into the Academy. A high processing fee in the HGC then permits higher training fees and keeps the org solvent.

When our Academies did less business and orgs concentrated on HGCs, gross income declined.


The fairest, cheapest way to get auditing is to get trained and then co-audit.

An HGC doing its job well is really a public service unit, no more. I will not run down HGCs. We do a great job.

Stress must be on Get Trained! That’s the pat answer to any questions about the cost of auditing or how to get audited.

HGC auditors and Ds of P, bless them, have alone held high auditing stand- ards all these years. That was why they were there.

But wouldn’t it be nicer to have those staff auditors running the org’s co- audits and classes? Training groups in far places? Handling the correspondence courses?

We’ll still have HGCs. But we must not count on them for income. Instead, enroll pcs in the Academy whenever possible by:

1. Sell them auditing and also a course (“It will make you progress so much faster, Mr. Jones- “). Short of that, sell the auditing and also a basic book and demand the pc do a chapter each evening during his intensive.

  1. Put a ceiling (stated to the pc) on how much auditing you sell them before they take a course and insist on a course before you exceed that limit (it can be a basic course), even when you accept them back in the HGC afterwards.
  2. Use the HGC to feed the Academy and not the Academy to feed the HGC.
  3. Count on Academy income only.
  4. Use the HGC to square up cases and to promote. To set an example. To pick up dropped balls.
  5. Sell training hard.

The state of the Academy should be the first thought every morning of the Org Exec Sec. Not the despatch pile. How is that Academy doing? Better look in. Ah! Floor dirty. One minute past schedule and the sessions not running! Rave! An Instructor explaining confusedly off-text. New janitor!

Make an Academy Taut Ship. Every halyard humming in the wind. And suddenly it will be full. Suddenly things get solvent. Suddenly the income soars. We start to go!

No matter how many students there are, make it a tremendous Academy. If there are 2 or 2,000, make it a streamlined piece of glittering efficiency.

Short of Supervisors? Coolly take the best person available. This is the whole future delivery line.

Teach Scientology in a Central Org or city office. Don’t try to process the world to enlightenment. Make it process itself in that direction. Otherwise you’ll never make it at all.

The Org Exec Sec must promote Academy hard and see, of course, we have a good HGC because it’s a model, you know.

Income? Think Academy.


Many people “want to know about Scientology but don’t want to be an auditor you know. . . .’7

You’ll have to break that attitude. Honestly how can a person use Scientol- ogy who can’t audit? How can an executive use it in his business if he hasn’t been trained? Well, he can’t. That’s the reality you must put across.

Don’t say “If you want a happy home, get audited.” For that may or may not be true. There may be so much messy environment and so little auditing time that there’s no win. Say instead the bald truth as you and I know it, “If you want a better environment, become an auditor!”

Thank the HGC for what they do. Demand the Academy perform only miracles.

This then is your answer to “But why take a course? I don’t want to be a professional.” You say, “But my dear fellow, who’s trying to make you a profes- sional? We just know you won’t succeed in using Scientology unless you can audit.”


  1. Person sees an ad, buys a book.
  2. Gets interested, writes in.
  3. Gets told he should be trained to get the full benefit of it.
  4. Person says “That’s cheap. I will.”
  5. Person really gets trained, no words misunderstood, really gets it, in a sparkling Academy.
  6. Person makes a big case gain in finding he can talk to anyone freely.
  7. Decides at home wants his wife audited and writes in.
  8. Is told to bring his wife to the HAS Co-audit while he takes the next course.



Now what about the pcs who want to be pcs?

Pcs who are only pcs can be salvaged too. But, being pcs they don’t write in when they read a book.

So send people who haven’t corresponded as name lists to the Rudiments Registrar to get them into the org.

Don’t count on HGC income. Count on the much greater Academy income and earn and guarantee its continuance with fine training.

Encourage the field auditor to succeed. Make him open a field practice or mission.

Use successful mission holders as success stories. Use them as procurement agencies for more auditors.

Let them have their groups and pcs.

Keep them as friends. Sell them the next course they should take. Make millions of field auditors. FSMs and missions.


This boom is just beginning. Your economy depends in a large measure on your HGC. It will have to go on pulling its load. And you’ll always have me! And there is another factor. I don’t intend for a staff member to draw only an average national wage. And the ratio of 1 admin staff to 1 staff auditor is quite low. As you get to swinging along it may become 1 technical staff member to more than 1 admin personnel even when you have a huge Academy. For dissem- ination takes a lot of admin. As you expand, you’ll get tech thin. So tech per- sonnel have to be freed up by assistance from admin as you expand.

That’s the design.

If it needs improvement, we’ll improve it. Right now let’s make it work.

I’ve got to go off and get the books written. You get your end of it done too. Okay?






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