Just checked the so called voice of the “Indie” Field and there’s nothing on the unwarranted attack by “our” (quotes indicate neocon controlled) President in violation of the Constitution and International Law.

One of the many reasons that I left the Church was that they had become cheerleaders of the state. Much like the so called Independent Field has become with Mike Rinder not only admitting that he’s a rat for the FBI but even bragging about it!

I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again. The fact is that while many Scientologists claimed they escaped from the “cult” of Scientology they have willingly joined a more insidious and dangerous cult and that is the cult of the state.

They’ve gone into a total flip flop of embracing the social veneer of the war mongering and unjust establishment run by a bunch of Globalist cretins.

I cynically laugh at these former Scientologists as they go on about the “atrocities” of the Church in league with a bunch of SPs like Tony Ortega as they try to save the world from Scientology.

For instance that total moron Miscavige slaps around a few staff members and that is compared to something like genocide or even worse.

I’m not saying that the Church currently is not totally out of control but where are some people’s priorities? If they think that the fox is going to investigate the chicken coup that they created with the blessing of the IRS then they got another think coming.

I am sure they are quite happy that they have placed a psychotic sociopathic megalomanic in charge of the Church of Scientology and are quite happily watching the organization burn itself to the ground.

This pretty much explains why the FBI doesn’t really to put it bluntly give a flying fuck about what Miscavige does with the organization. Like Pontius Pilate they have pretty much washed their hands of the Organization after installing its Holy Pope of destruction David Miscavige.

The Church died the day they helped instal that moronic autocrat using their friends in the media to confirm his ascension as I’ve written earlier.

Besides it’s ludicrously naive to believe that Government involvement of any kind is going to force the organization to apply Standard Tech and align it according to policy.

If anyone thinks that is going to happen then they are more idiotic than its current dictator.

Anyway if anyone is so obsessed with Organization who’s alleged crimes wouldn’t even amount to a parking ticket compared to a killing spree which makes Charley Manson look like a saint level of confront of evil is pathetic.

What our newly elected president has done by attacking a sovereign nation with fifty count ’em fifty Tomahawk missiles in violation of the Constitution and International law!

This is the point I’m trying to make when I see someone getting all hot and bothered by someone being tweaked in the nose by a bullying nimrod like Miscavige.

There are real concerns out there greater than crying about someone in the Church disconnecting from some asshole who in many cases probably deserved being disconnected from.

‘Nuff said.

I may be back. If we haven’t been taken out by a Russian Satan II MRV Missile.

Signing off.


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