The Anti-Cult Movement

Much like the Church of Scientology has become a parody of itself. The Anti-Cult Movement or ACM has degenerated to pretty much the same. Proving that absolutes are unobtainable as far as the race to the bottom.

Back in the old days it had the heavy hitters of CIA’s Mk Ultra alumni like indefatigable Louis Jolyon “Jolly” West and Martin Orne both who figure prominently in the agency’s long strange trip into mind control and who sat on the board of the deceptively named American Family Foundation.

Now it has people like Tony Ortega ,Steve Hassen and Rick Ross (not the same Ricky Freeway Ross of Dark Alliance fame but probably just as criminal if not more so) who continually vent their hatred of what are called alternative religions that they have labeled as “cults” which includes Scientology.

The Church of Scientology makes the mistake of calling them anti-religious bigots but the fact is is that they are fine with what are considered “mainstream religions”. In fact the group that lends them support the AFF was started by baptist ministers who saw their prospects fading when younger members of their flock began abandoning them for what scholars call the New Religious Movement.

Save the Children

Actually this dark history began before the AFF was established with the kidnapping and extortion tactic known as deprogramming by its advocate Ted “Black Lightening” Patrick.

Most of individuals kidnapped and coerced into “deprogramming” were the young adults of various parents upset with their “child’s” religious choices who decided to intervene.

Many of those parents seeking to “deprogram” their children were directly assisted by the mainstream media who would churn out harrowing stories about the “danger” of “cults” and indirectly by law enforcement who tended to look the other when their citizens First Amendment rights were being violated.

The most fanatically of all these deprogrammers was Ted Patrick AKA Black Lightening. Others were in it for the money and still are but under the more euphemistic term of “exit counsellor”.

Yes gone are the heady days of kidnapping and coercion. Replaced by therapists who talk people through their religious proclivity and return them back to normal well adjusted conformists who now embrace a bigger and more dangerous cult.

The Cult of the State

Ironically many of those “saved” from many of these so called “cults” have embraced an even more insidious and malicious cult which is the cult of the state. One George Orwell so aptly describes in his novel Nineteen Eighty Four.

Take Mike Rinder for example. Former head of the Office of Special Affairs (an Orwellian name if their ever was one) which replaced the Church of Scientology’s Guardian’s office.

We see Mike explain that they are not the old GO in the Man Behind Scientology which is true. They are actually much worse. Whereas the GO spent most of their time targeting the Government mainly using the FOIA as their weapon of choice. OSA has really done nothing but harass critics and those who they call “squirrels” many who are Scientologists who prefer Standard Tech over the “Golden Age of Tech” devised by the current management in early 1996 which I’ll discuss in a later article.

Since leaving the Church of Scientology he has become an informant for the FBI now willing to play the role of Micheal Meisner. Ironically the FBI isn’t interested but that’s another story. Briefly in so many words. The Church of Scientology is no longer the “National Security Threat” it once was under the Office of the Guardian which seemed obsessed with exposing the Government’s dastardly deeds through publicans such as the original Freedom Magazine which now spills ink obsessing over David Miscavige’s reputation as the Church’s pint sized leader with a Napoleon complex who has brought about “unprecedented expansion” despite evidence to the contrary.

In other words Freedom which was once respected for its hard hitting investigative journalism when it was under the GO has become a journalistic joke under the clown car known as OSA of which the head clown was once Mike Rinder.

Now Mike it seems in an effort to assuage his conscience began in earnest to expose the malfeasances of the Church of Scientology tries to elicit the support of the US Government. Support the US Government is unwilling to give which will be covered in an upcoming article.

Mike and others who say they have now seen error of their ways and who now support legal actions against the Church of Scientology remind me of the final chapter of Nineteen Eighty Four, the one conveniently deleted by CIA’s Congress for Cultural Freedom where Winston Smith learns to love Big Brother.

They seem to ignore the fact that on a scale of comparable magnitude that the state commits greater crimes then the ostensible “evil genius” David Miscavige and his minions at the Church of Scientology could even conceive in some sadistic wet dream.

For instance the US Government has started various wars of aggression which have killed millions using lies and contrived provocations AKA false flags to attack nations that refuse to come under the military’s Pax Americana.

The Anti Cult Cult

The anti-Cult movement or ACM in my opinion is just another cult. More so in many ways because it only promotes the party line. For example try posting something that goes against the “conventional wisdom” accepted by this cult on any of their message boards and one is immediately accused of being an “OSA Plant” or worse they’ll shut down one’s account which is just another form of disconnection.

For instance while commenting on Mike Rinder’s blog I had the audacity to ask him to use documents to back up many of his statements and found that after that I was blocked from his blog.

The irony was too sweet.

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