Mike Rinder on OT VIII

I’ve been stocking up on a few book reviews and a rather lengthy article on the Men Behind the Man Behind Scientology on how Marty AKA Mark Rathbun and Mike Rinder facilitated David Miscavige’s rise to power.

This doesn’t change my view about possible deep state involvement in the current restructuring of the Church of “Scientology”. I use the word Scientology in quotations because what is being promoted in the Church these days isn’t really Scientology, not even a reasonable facsimile but in reality a twisted and altered fun house mirrored version of the subject which is “Scientology” in name only.

Standard Tech had been pretty much defenestrated with the release of what was called the “Golden Age of Tech” back in 1996. A training regime which was in total violation of the policy on training Scientology auditors.

The policy specifically is  HCO POLICY LETTER OF 16 APRIL 1965 Issue II





(Dir of Exams must check out this policy letter on the above hats and put on their status checksheet for directors.)

The only allowed practical drills on any Scientology course including PE are:

  1. Modified Comm Course for PEe
  2. Original Comm Course TRs 0-4.
  3. Original Upper Indoc TRs.
  4. E-Meter drills contained in The Book of E-Meter Drills.
  5. Dissemination drills when I write and release them.

NO other practical drills of any kind will be permitted.

Other practical drills are abolished. Reasons: They consume time uselessly, suppress actual processes and mess up data and cases. I did not develop or author- ize these drills and have now seen that they teach alter-is of easy processes. They are not needed. They make poor auditors. I have just reviewed this matter thoroughly and have traced several training failures to these wildcat drills. Further, I traced several failed cases on course to them.

Somewhere along the line somebody went mad inventing “drills” and “TRs. “

If this is permitted to continue, we will no longer turn out good auditors. The standard drills as listed above have proven sufficient for years.



The proof that this series of drills “developed” by RTRC which is the abbreviation for LRH’s or Ron’s Technical Research and Compilations which acquired “research” as its duties shortly after Hubbard’s demise has been deleterious to training can be found here.

Much can be said and will be said about RTRC in future articles. For now, suffice it to say that adding “research” to this units activities opened up the opportunity to squirrel meaning to alter the technology of Scientology which it did back in 1987 when the unit was created by releasing a series of Board Technical Bulletins which are issued on behalf of Scientology’s Board of Directors and never personally approved by Hubbard and reissuing them as HCOBs short for Hubbard Communications Office Bulletin.

As Hubbard said in an HCOB entitled Tech Correction Roundup dated 27 January 1977:

Auditors and Scientologists for 27 years have tended to be suspicious of HCOBs and Policy Letters not written by myself.

Until a few months ago my opinion was that this, while flattering, was not entirely justified.

However, these last few months have sharply changed my belief into total agreement with all those who have expressed some fear of reinterpretations of bulletins by others.

I have been engaged for some months now in a round-up of out tech issues.

And I have found, I am sorry to say, that mice have been gnawing at the pillars of the Bridge, putting up traffic barriers and false detour signs.

I have been finding serious out tech issues and correcting them.

Whether because of misunderstood words (the commonest cause of out tech alterations) or other reasons, there have been a staggering number of tech sectors that have been corrupted by issues by others that alter-ised.

The corrections I have been doing have been, are being or will be issued shortly. However, not all auditors and Scientologists keep pace with current issues and so I am here giving you a rapid summary of the gross departures from standard tech which have occurred in the past 3 or 4 years and their corrections.

So you were right!

A very few people (3 or 4) have wittingly or unwittingly brought about outnesses which could easily make the difference between successful case handling and failed cases.

Action has been taken to handle them and there are a great many good people at work now in compiling and reissuing the workable tech which I developed in the first place.

It is now forbidden to write an HCOB or an HCO PL and sign my name to it.

If anyone helped compile it or wrote it, my name is followed by “Assisted by ____” the person who helped get it back together at my directions.

Also no Board Technical Bulletin may cancel an HCOB.

So from here on you are relatively safe.

I am always the first to tell you and this is no exception.

For years Scientology technical personnel have naturally assigned senior importance to HCOBs and have always been wary of BTBs, especially when they contradicted the Old Man. Yet RTRC from the moment of their inception would confuse the issue by issuing what were once BTBs as “HCOBs” and then add “Assisted by RTRC” as if Ron had telepathically transmitted some “order” do so after his demise.

Again much more can be said and will be said on this upcoming articles.

The fact is that much has been said by others and myself how the “Golden Age of Tech” has sabotaged auditor training within “Scientology” organizations. Yet very little has been said about what was called the “Golden Age of OT” which was released simultaneously.

Obviously Rinder or Rathbun, Miscavige’s former Quislings haven’t said anything about it probably because they like the CIA despite documentary evidence obtained through their own Remote Viewing program  declassified and released under Stargate want to convey the idea that the state of OT is unattainable.

That said we return to Rinder’s article “OT VIII is Lame” which could be said about the title itself. Where he says:


The OT VIII success stories circulated by the Freewinds are really lame. No wonder it’s a ghost ship.

Two of them were sent to me recently. And they are notable for what they DON’T say.

They repeat, mantra-like, that OT VIII is “the first actual OT level” (funny, all those other ones used to be “actual” OT levels too) and the supposed  remedy for amnesia on the Whole Track. That is a very bold claim. Sort of like “exterior at will with full perceptions” which the L’s are supposed to provide.

One would imagine that someone who had gained the ability to recall everything on their Whole Track (trillions or quadrillions of years?) would have some pretty remarkable things to say.


I agree that most of the so called “Success Stories” for what they call “OT VIII” are lame. Actually they are worse than lame. For instance I’ve personally read one that said the ability attained was that the person felt more like themselves.

A nice “win” if someone was being audited at the lowest levels of Scientology. Say at the level of what is called “Life Repair”. But for an advanced OT Level?

Yet this is what passes as “OT wins” in the Church of “Scientology” these days.

Yes we certainly can thank “COB (who is not only the Chairman of the Board for RTC but is also the  Chairman for the Church Tax Compliance Committee) and RTC for the Golden Age of Tech Phase II (seems Phase I didn’t totally wipe out technical results so they created Phase II and will come probably come out with a Phase III if there are any results left)”.

We can also thank Mike Rinder for playing with his putz while the technology was circling the bowl as well under his watch. Something I’ll cover in the upcoming article on the Men Behind the Man Behind Scientology.

Aside from the obviously lame “Success Stories” is Rinder putting words in Ron’s mouth much like Miscavige and Rathbun have a tendency to do.

For instance Hubbard never said that OT VIII was a “remedy for whole track amnesia”. If one reviews Ron’s Journal 39 where  OT VIII is discussed he says that it “addresses amnesia on the whole track”. Something I’ll cover in greater detail later.

Rinder then goes on to discredit and invalidate in his typical Western arrogance the subject of past lives and existences . Something that almost two thirds of the worlds population have accepted the existence of, making  Rinder and others the minority who have bought into the Nicene Council’s one life doctrine.

Thus not only is “‘OT VIII’ (as currently delivered by the Church) Lame” but his attack on the subject is lame as well.


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