The Church of Scientology’s Potemkin Village

Again Mike Rinder’s blog is a good read if you want to check it out. Just because I had a falling out with him a way back doesn’t mean that I disagree with everything he writes. In fact much of what he writes is very insightful.

Also it’s hard to dispute the fact that Mike Rinder is probably one of the more prolific bloggers on the subject aside from Tony Ortega who in my opinion seems obsessed, sort of like Senator Joseph McCarthy was on the subject of Communism.

Mike is somewhat more even handed. Willing to see the pros and is not on a total con like Ortega.

Now that I’ve praised Mike….

Here to some degree we have the vast Scientology conspiracy taking total control of Clearwater Florida. Scientology has become the new Illuminati.

I’ve noticed in Mike’s case and the reason we had a falling out was because he would attack me as a “Conspiracy Theorist” when I made any connection to the Deep State and the Church of Scientology while he promoted his own conspiracy theories about the Church.

This one is a doozy. He basically says that Miscavige and “scientology” are buying up the town to create some kind of “cult” strong hold in downtown Clearwater.

By the way Scientology is to some a religion, to others a philosophy and to critics many other things but the fact is that it is a subject which is contained in the written words and recorded lectures of L Ron Hubbard. It really by itself does not have the power to do anything. So he probably means the Church of Scientology. This is the organization that was endorsed and approved by the IRS to propagate the “Scientology Religion” according to the once Secret Closing Agreement which basically deputized David Miscavige and others at the highest ecclesiastical levels as Internal Revenue Agents .

Those who don’t believe me I suggest reading the sections relating to the Church Tax Compliance Committee.

Anyway back to Mike’s conspiracy theory as opposed to mine which is at least backed up by actual tangible documents instead of mere speculation. He like a lot of critics doesn’t bother asking where this money is coming from or who is funding this operation?

It can’t just be the organization’s incredible shrinking number of parishioners. This makes no sense. We look at the statistics and we find that the numbers of Scientologists (at least those connected to the Church of Scientology) has been declining for years yet the number of properties and real estate that they have been acquiring has actually been increasing!

That is in inverse proportion to the number of its members !

This is according to the tenants of the Religion of Scientology as opposed to the “Scientology Religion” is what would be called an “outpoint”.

The Church currently has less members according to various surveys such as Pews and other polling agencies yet is buying more real estate!

As I wrote earlier. Mike is big on pointing that the flag on the Soviet Pleasure Cruiser is upside down while that ship sails. He like a lot of critics points out the obvious. Yes it is easy to see that they are maybe flying an inverted Hammer and Sickle while missing the yacht which is promoting Capitalistic excess from the so called “workers paradise”.

We can see all this property being purchased by the Church of Scientology which is definitely a flag  but the question should be who is actually buying it?

In order to do that we must look past Miscavige and find out who is financing him.

If one looks at the Church of Scientology’s remaining members one will find many who have very shady connections. For instance their are at least several who are connected to one of CIA’s biggest arms dealers and a founding member of the ill fated BCCI.

Another one who is directly connected to shadowy Carlyle Group and several who shorted UA and AA stocks just before planes owned by those two companies crashed into the the World Trade Center towers on September eleven 2001.

Needless to say an interesting bunch.

Real Estate by the way is an excellent way to launder ill gotten funds. The Mafia found this out and used their money well. Under the financial genius of Meyer Lansky they purchased recreational and casino properties under the umbrella corporation Resorts International.

A rumor back in seventies was that Lansky and RI were interested in purchasing the Fort Harrison Hotel because they were betting on Gabe Cazares their man in Clearwater legalizing gambling there. That is until the United Churches snapped up the FH and a property across the street known as the Grey Moss for a song.

Of course the “United Churches” was Church of Scientology by another name. The old man knew that Clearwater was a sucker for Christian sects but they wouldn’t be big fans of  what many there considered was a “Satanic Cult”.

Why Ron landed the Apollo’s Flag Service Organization in the heart of the bible belt is a question I ask myself often?

Yet despite the villagers with their pitch forks and torches. The organization actually thrived there and began acquiring more property in Clearwater’s downtown core.

But that was then and this is now. The fact is the number of staff and public has been on a dwindling spiral since the late nineties after the unfortunate and much publicized death of Liza McPherson. Even so this hasn’t seemed to stop the Church from acquiring more real estate and building the Super Power building which looks more like a casino than a building assigned to delivering religious services to the public.

I suspect that that is eventually what it will become just that when the Church of Scientology  implodes much like the World Wide Church of God as its properties are sold off. Probably to some of the very people who supported and financed this rush to buy real estate in the beginning.


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