Saint Hill Sized Orgs

Mike seems to be the only game in Scientologyville these days aside from the Church and Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker. The latter two in my opinion qualify as fake news. Especially Ortega who seems to be on a jihad to discredit alternative news. Sometime back he virtually destroyed Norman Mailer’s Village Voice and is now currently working on Raw Story while the Church of Scientology’s site is nothing but PR which is what one would expect anyway.

Earlier I dissected their ode to Myth-cavige and basically proved it was based nothing but prevarications and hyperbole.

Anyway back to Mike who seems to be the only one of the two highest ecclesiastical leaders who have since left the Church of Scientology who publish blogs that are critical of the current organization and it’s management or lack thereof.

According to Mike and Marty these people have been assigned to what is called “the hole” but if this so then who is really running the organization?

Both claim that it is Myth-cavige himself. Yet this is virtually impossible unless one assigns god like abilities to him. Something I am unwilling to do.

Thus hiding in the shadows is some kind of covert management structure propping him up. In other words on a microcosmic level the Church of Scientology has its own version of Shadow Government or Deep State operating in the background.

Back in the late sixties, seventies and through out most of eighties after the development of the Scientology’s Organizational Board it was proudly displayed in most if not all Church of Scientology public reception areas.

True many of these were not kept up to date but the fact was that it gave in most cases a post title, the person occupying it and their level of training and processing out there in full view to the public then sometime in the early nineties this all changed and for some reason these org boards were taken down and stashed away somewhere.

Same with what is called the OIC or Org Information Center which was originally available to all staff and any public who were interested especially those applying the Doubt Formula which included examining the statistics of the organization as part of the formula.

Thus most public and staff are pretty much kept in the dark as to who actually runs the organization and what their qualifications are. Not only that they are no longer allowed to see how well or poorly their organization is doing.

For some reason this is now considered “above their pay grade”.

Take Lea Remini for example who has become a leading critic of the Church and now has her own TV program on A&E called Scientology and the Aftermath who was told just that when she inquired about Miscavige’s wife Shelly Miscavige.

There is only one type of organization that runs like this and that is Intelligence Agencies.

But back to Saint Hill sized orgs. In 1982 Hubbard released an LRH Executive Directive on March 13 announcing his birthday game of making all Scientology Organizations the size of Old Saint Hill back in the sixties when he ran it as the Executive Director.

Nothing wrong with this. The fact that it was done at Saint Hill Manor back in the sixties and was replicated by many other organizations in the seventies including its counterpart in the US the American Saint Hill Organization and even by Franchises like the one in Riverside County.

The only thing was back then no one was keeping track of which Organizations went to the  size of Old Saint Hill and which ones didn’t.

So Mike, shall we say, is being disingenuous when he says that aside from the Flag Service Org that Boston was the only other Organization to achieve this size.

How does he know this? Was he an Org Manager at the time? These are the people assigned to each Scientology Organization to keep track of their statistics through what was called the Flag Command Bureau. No. He was a Commodore Messenger then.

As anyone who was actually there during the seventies. Many Scientology Organizations were big with a full compliment of staff and in many cases with hundreds of students completing courses.

The proof is here in a statistical analysis of that period done back in 2009.

Ironically it was Mike and the Sea Org junta who took over at the time who crashed the party back in the early eighties and practically destroyed the Franchise Network who contributed to the collapse of the Scientology Organizationally.


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