Hamilton and the American Monarchy

Ironic that the Church of Scientology in New York City according to Mike Rinder’s blog is trying to lure people into their organization these days by handing out tickets for the Broadway musical Hamilton.

Fact is that Ron wasn’t a big fan of Alexander Hamilton because of his efforts to create a centralized bank here in America which would later metastasize into the Federal Reserve.

Ron like the other Ron who’s last name is Paul was not a member of the Alexander Hamilton Fan Club.

The fact is that Hamilton secretly wanted to create an American Monarchy. A nation basically run by elitists electors who if need be went against the vote of the people who elected them.

Fortunately the Constitution didn’t allow the electors to vote their conscience and we were saved from what would have been an overt oligarchy.

Yet we saw the ghost of Hamilton trying to interfere with the current election with several rogue electors in Colorado claiming themselves to be “Hamilton Electors” and urge their fellow electors to vote their conscience and elect Hillary Clinton instead.

A most unconscionable act if there ever was one!

Yet there is the Church of “Scientology” code named “COS” promoting for a hagiographic musical who to a greater or lesser degree was secretly trying to undermine the American Republic until Aaron Burr stopped him with a bullet.

That said. No matter how Ron Hubbard and Paul or myself or anyone else feel about Hamilton being a more covert and underhanded version of Benedict Arnold. The fact is that the Church of “Scientology” these days seems to be resorting to subterfuge in order to sell this altered as in squirrel version of “Scientology” to the public.

Something that probably would have made old Alex smile but let me move on here and just say that back in the old days we pretty much sold Scientology not some cheap imitation along with a couple of tickets to Alexander Hamilton or some other Broadway spectacular.

The only thing that might have seemed like a bait and switch was the Free Personality test, but note the key word here is “free”. We didn’t feel the need to lure them in with a couple of cheap discount tickets to a Broadway musical.

Just another carrot in the endless string of carrots proffered by the Church of “Scientology” these days.

As I wrote in my earlier articles. This whole concept of “Ideal Orgs” and Saint Hill sized orgs was sold to the public with the idea that once all the orgs were Saint Hill and later “Ideal” they would release OT IX to whatever.

Aside from the fact that it is one of those “move a mountain” goals Ron discusses in the target series is the fact that it is an arbitrary.

True there are those who say these levels don’t exist but even if this was the case. Some enterprising staff member in RTRC that’s LRH Technical Research and Compilations could have taken some these earlier OT processes discussed back in the fifties or even resurrected the original OT Levels and placed them above  OT VIII.

We see that what was called Super Power which had been sitting on the “back burner” since 1978 fully written up and ready to go was used as the carrot to get that stupid monstrosity the Super Power building built.

Someday I’ll write an article exclusively on that, but for now we’ll go back to cheap tickets that glorify someone who many consider to a greater of lesser extent to the American Revolution.

Maybe that’s it right there. The Church of “Scientology” has become a traitorous organization and they are merely advertising this fact.


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