Meddling Madness

Mike Rinder’s recent article on his blog entitled “Reefer Madness” makes a very good point. I mean why is this “Scientologist” so concerned about legalized Marijuana? Rinder correctly points out in the following quote that the Old Man really had no objection to the “killer weed” and in fact considered it beneficial for people who were neurotic in his land mark book Dianetics the Modern Science of Mental Health:

Alcohol is rarely an assist to the auditor. In fact, alcohol is rarely an assist to anyone. A depressant, classifiable at best as a poison, alcohol has the single virtue of being highly taxable. All alcoholics are alcoholic because of their engrams. All alcoholics, unless they have injured their brains — which case is cited only because it is possible, not because research in dianetics demonstrated any real evidence of it — can be released. Alcoholism is engramic. It has become, in some very understandable way, a class of contagious aberration whereby the reactive mind confuses alcohol and “being a good sport” or “having fun” or “forget your troubles.” Some of these things can also be obtained by strychnine and cyanide. Alcohol has its uses: one can put specimens of frogs and such in it: one can clean the germs off needles with it: it burns well in rockets. But one would not consider preserving his stomach in a glass jar and, unless insane, does not think of himself as a needle. While some drunks think they act like rockets, few have been observed to reach an altitude of more than the floor. It is not only a poor stimulant-depressant, it is also an hypnotic in the finest sense: what is done to a drunk becomes an engram. The chronic alcoholic is physically and mentally ill. Dianetics can clear him or even merely release him without too much trouble for alcohol is apparently not physiological in its addictive effect. With the whole range of chemistry to choose stimulants and depressants from, why the government chooses a superiorly aberrative and inferiorly stimulative compound to legalize is a problem for the better mathematicians, possibly these who deal exclusively in tax income problems. Opium is less harmful, marijuana is not only less physically harmful but also better in the action of keeping a neurotic producing, phenobarbital does not dull the senses nearly as much and produces less after effect, ammonium chloride and a host of other stimulants are more productive of results and hardly less severe on the anatomy: but no, the engrams, contaging unpleasantly along from the first crude brew which made one of our ancestors drunk, decree that alcohol is the only thing which is to be drunk if a person wants to “forget it all” and “have a good time.” There is really nothing wrong with alcohol save that it depends mainly on engrams and other advertising for its effect and is otherwise remarkably inferior in performance: that it makes such aberrative engrams is probably its main claim to fame and infame. Making one drug immoral and another one taxable is a sample of the alcohol engram in society. However, although it is immensely legal, it is doubtful if the auditor will find any use for it in therapy.

But really the above is just a symptom or as we say an indicator or an outpoint more specifically “contrary facts” that people inside the Church of Scientology experience these days.

What psychiatry labels as “cognitive dissonance” that seems to currently abound within the Organization .

Ron says that one shouldn’t alter the technology of Scientology yet there is RTC the entity assigned to the duty of maintaining the integrity of the subject changing it every few years claiming it had been “altered” earlier and implying that the Old Man was somehow negligent.

The fact is that back in the so called bad old days Scientology got better results and made actual OTs which was actually pretty much confirmed by the CIA’s Remote Viewing project. These days I read some of the so called “Success Stories” written by those who claim they’ve completed OT VIII and I’d seen better successes on what we call the lower grades.

I read one a while back where the result that this Pre OT had gotten was that she felt more like herself after “completing” OT VIII!

A result which back in the day could have been achieved at the level of “Life Repair” or at any point prior to actually doing the OT Levels!

What this indicates is that RTC has meddled with the tech so much that they have made it almost completely unworkable!

They did this by claiming that Ron didn’t really say this or that he must have really meant something else or some such thing as related to Mike Rinder’s example. Yet there it is in black and white what Ron actually said about marijuana!

The fact that marijuana is less harmful than the Psychiatric drugs that are currently on the market and from an auditing perspective easier to address than say Prozac or Zoloft or such things as Lithium.

The only reason it is frowned on by Scientology practitioners like myself is that THC the active ingredient takes longer maybe several weeks to be expelled by the person’s body than alcohol which is usually eliminated within twenty four hours because it is water soluble.

Otherwise if a person isn’t in the course of being audited who cares?

Yet “Scientologists” especially  from the Church of Scientology these are involved in some kind of jihad against drugs and have even aligned themselves with such corrupt organizations as the DEA!

The DEA and other drug interdiction groups profit from the continuing war on drugs which to a large degree has become a war on our civil liberties!

Real Scientologists that those who actually by definition apply the actual technology as given in the above example should in my opinion welcome and embrace the legalization and decriminalization of drugs thus making it easier to address as a social issue instead of a legal issue with such things as the drug rundown.

True drugs may to some degree prevent auditing and have to be addressed but one’s PC being imprisoned or worse killed by an overzealous cop prevents it even more!



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