“Ideal Orgs” Part II

Okay it’s time to put on our tin foil caps boys and girls.

As I’ve explained earlier those using the Church of Scientology as cover for some covert op pretty much know that very few Scientologists in the Orgs these days know anything about tech or policy which is one of the reasons that they get away with the things that they do.

Then there are those who know damn well that it is against tech or policy and remain quiet for reasons of self preservation or because it benefits them in some way. Cui Bono!

In the latter we have those “Scientologists” who are now raking in the bucks selling this real estate scam to the public instead of auditing or training as is the case of one well known Class VIII.

He probably hasn’t audited anyone since dear Dave was back on the RPF over at Over the Rainbow but likes to impress on his marks that he’s a highly trained auditor so he can sell them on the pie in the sky idea of “Ideal Orgs” so he can get a big fat commission.

Fact is one gets a lousy ten percent for selling a PC on getting auditing and fifteen for a new student on course but make up to twenty percent for selling some sucker on “Ideal Orgs”. Who ya gonna call?

Org Busters

These “Ideal Orgs” usually end up in some location that is  isolated from the public they are trying to reach yet  has some kind of aesthetic appeal. One example is the Buffalo “Ideal Org” which originally was in the downtown sector of the city and was moved to an old industrial park somewhere. They might as well have put it on the moon!

Another one is Pasadena’s “Ideal Org” which was located somewhere off the beaten path of what is called “Old Town” a tourist trap where Pasadenains hardly ever go except maybe to take friends or relatives.

Most if not all of these so called “Ideal Orgs” are constructed and/or renovated in complete violation of the policy on quarters dated 23 September 1970. Particularly:


which as one will notice is in CAPS!

Yet it seems that it that the International Landlord’s Office spares no expense using the public’s money for making the place POSH. POSH by the way is an old nautical acronym meaning “port side out, starboard homeward” which was where the most expensive cabins were located on a fancy cruise ship like say the Titanic.

It seems that viability is no concern to the geniuses at the top of the Scientology food chain. The place has got to be POSH!

So they take some struggling Org that is barely making ends meet where they are, yet still somewhat viable and move  to somewhere in the middle of nowhere then have a big christening ceremony where they have the “COB” and a few Scientology celebs pontificate about how big and bright future that will be with this new “Ideal Org” which kind of looks like this:


Then after all the hoopla dies down. It looks like this:


The Evil Genius Behind “Ideal Orgs”

Funny how some former Sea Org members like to assign god like powers to David Miscavige and then say the “Why is God”.

The reason Miscavige gets away with the things he does is probably because he has someone backing him up. Again when one reads Playing Dirty or the Hidden Story of Scientology one finds a vast Conspiracy memorialized in thousands of formerly classified documents obtained through the FOIA. The Guardian’s Office was beginning to connect the dots just before they were overthrown by the Sea Org junta who took over.

In my opinion Miscavige may be evil but he is no genius. The guy is so stupid that he gives evil a bad name. Someone inside his inner circle must have conceived of the not just bright but brilliant if not diabolical idea of “Ideal Orgs”.

If one wanted to turn the organizations of Scientology into Calico ghost towns then “Ideal Orgs” would be the way to go. In this case to quote Miscavige “gradients don’t apply”. Since these orgs practically on a one for one basis have pretty much immediately collapsed once all the fan fare about them is over and Scientology’s media circus has moved on.

All the staff  and the few public who are left  hear is the whispering wind and watch the tumbling tumble weed piling up against the doors of their “Ideal Org”. Of course the other Scientology public and staff is never informed about this ghost town called an “Ideal Org” as “Management” moves on to showcase the next “Ideal Org” at some event.

Also most staff and public are kept out of the loop on what acquiring a coveted “Ideal Org” really means.

So who would want the Orgs to collapse? I’ll go over the list of suspects in my next article. Stay tuned.


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