“Ideal Orgs” Part I

I’ve avoided writing an article specifically the topic of soi-disant “Ideal Orgs” because I considered it such a soft target since it is so obviously a scam. The fact is that if anyone read the actual Policy formerly an LRH Executive by the same title and what the Organization calls “Ideal Orgs” are mutually exclusive save only in name.

For instance when Miscavige gave his first speech about Ideal Orgs he gave the Scientology public the impression that an “Ideal Org” is almost instantaneous creation and “that gradients don’t apply”.

Yet Hubbard specifically says in the actual policy:

12 MARCH 1975 Issue II

Data Series 40



The ideal org is the image one builds toward. It is the product of the caus- ative actions of many. Anything which is short of an ideal org is an outpoint that can be put right. The end product is not just an ideal org but a new civilization already on its way.

Thus implying that gradients do indeed apply when building an “Idea Org”.

Anyone who read the policy would know this but it seems Scientology has become a “faith based” where any pronouncement made by the self proclaimed “ecclesiastical leader” must be true.

The fact that this totally contradicts what Hubbard himself said in the Dianetic Auditors’ Bulletin Education and the Auditor and the article Personal Integrity about testing the subject themselves and finding out if it works for oneself.

This is why the Organization in the beginning concentrated on training auditors. Yet somewhere along the line under what I call “the coup” or the new management who took over after the former regime specifically the Controller and Guardian’s Office had been totally disgraced was to emphasize processing or auditing probably because it was considered more profitable.

Also PCs and Pre OTs are expected to simply follow the auditors commands and his or her directions without question. Those who don’t are usually sent to ethics under the current management.

Besides since most of them are untrained in the actual subject of auditing they really in most cases don’t really know what is or what isn’t the correct action to run on their case which is why in they can be told they need at least one hundred and fifty hours of objectives or that after completing the highest levels of the Scientology Grade Chart that they must start from the beginning again and many of them do this without question.

This is probably why when Miscavige tells them that “gradients don’t apply” many of them accept it on faith because in many cases they are too untrained in the subject to know any better.

They never bother reading the actual policy and discovering for themselves that David Miscavige is either totally ignorant of actual policy himself or is a bald faced liar.

Back in the day if somebody asked about Scientology they were usually told to read a book on the subject. Particularly and especially Dianetics the Modern Science of Mental Health which is mentioned fifty times in the policy Books Make Booms.

Unfortunately those days have long since passed!

Now most people get what ever information they can on the subject from the internet which in most cases is false and derogatory.

Yet even if a person dismisses what they read on the world wide web and decides to find out for themselves about Scientology these days and goes to an actual “Scientology” organization they are usually subjected to the dismal film that I call dis- Orientation and forced to watch it somewhat like this:


But back to “Ideal Orgs” or more accurately these empty edifices they call “Ideal Orgs” which is probably the “Ideal Org” from the perceptive of say the World Federation of Mental Health or what Ron jocularly referred to as SMERSH.

The whole real estate scam started way back in the late nineties when Scientologists were called upon to fund the Super Power Building. A building that just had to be built to facilitate the delivery of Super Power a series of rundowns Ron developed back in the late seventies which was supposed be delivered to staff but again that’s another story for another time.

Anyway one reads in vain to find where Ron says in the reference that it needed a special facility in order to deliver these Rundowns and comes up blank.

In fact here’s what he says about Superpower:

SUPER POWER. A Super fantastic, but confidential series of
rundowns that can be done on anyone whether Dianetic Clear or not that
puts the person into fantastic shape unleashing the super power of a
thetan. This is the means that puts Scientologists into a new realm of
ability enabling them to create the New World. It puts world Clearing
within reach in the future. This is a parallel rundown to Power in
Saint Hills which is taken by the Dianetic Clear. It consists of 12
separate highpower rundowns which are brand new and enter realms of the
tech never before approached. Power is still very much in use on the
Grade Chart but is for those who didn’t go Clear on Dianetics. Super
Power will be delivered at Saint Hills within the next 6 weeks as we are
right now super grooming the Super Power auditors in a special
international course. It will be delivered in almost all languages.

POWER PROCESSING. Grades V and VA are still available and being
delivered at Saint Hills for persons who did not make Dianetic Clear,
delivered only by Class VII auditors who are specialized on it. Power
continues to produce its startling results.

SUPER POWER. There is no reason a Dianetic Clear should be denied
the powerful gains which research made available in ’78 (see above).
For the public who have gone Dianetic Clear, and those who haven’t,
Saint Hills will become a mecca where they obtain the most excellent
results obtainable in Super Power.



Note that no where does he say the Rundowns require a special delivery facility nor that it can only be delivered at Flag. Right there in blue on white it says “Saint Hills”.

Yet the public were asked to donate their hard earned money to this building which ironically looks much like Saint Peter’s Cathedral.

The Golden Age of Indulgences

One of the biggest things that tweaked Martin Luther wasn’t so much the perversion of the Catholic faith which probably began with the Nicene Council. Much like the current laity of the Church of Scientology most followers of Christianity were ignorant of the subject being to a large part illiterate instead of just functionally illiterate as many “Scientologists” seem to be these days.

Aside from that even if some could read. Most of the books on Christianity were written in latin.

What turned Luther against the Catholic Church was the practice indulgences. It seems the pope at that time granted eternal absolution to anyone who could cough up the bread for a brand spanking new Cathedral which Luther took exception to and thus is the long story short of what started the Protestant movement and the religious wars that followed.

Miscavige himself is obviously no student of history. I mean this is the same person who in a long turgid RTC bulletin (emphasis mine) entitled ironically Wake Up Call published shortly after the terrorist event known as “911” claimed that Japanese “suicide bombers” attacked Pearl Harbor!

So he as the “Pope of Scientology” as he also likes to call himself recreated the same conditions that Pope Pius did when he created indulgences. In other words he repeated history.

This is evident by the fact that in the beginning that Marty Rathbun his right hand man went full Martin Luther on him shortly after the Superpower and the “Ideal org ” push that followed and started what he called the “Scientology Reformation“.

I’ll continue my discussion of “Ideal Orgs” in Part II.




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