One of my favorite sites dealing with the Church of Scientology is preserved right here. A Also as a bonus they have preserved the original Veritas site that preceded it in time. Along with the Anonymous Postcards and of course the Squirrel Watcher. One of my fav internet rags at the time!

Probably the source of the two above website was a series of posts back in the heady days of usenet that where posted on the newsgroup Alt Religion Scientology beginning in 1997 from the ARSCC, CC for central committee “Librarian“.

Amazingly almost 20 years ago!

My how time flies! Yet here we are today in early 2017 with David Miscavige still at the helm of the Titanic that was once the Church of Scientology while the crew arranges the deck chairs which are metaphorically these so called “Ideal Orgs“. A topic I may get to at some point in the future but for now:

Is the IRS really in control of the Church of Scientology?

Before I answer that let’s look at what Ron said back on the 29th of June in 1965 to Saint Hill Special Briefing Course students:

“…I want to thank you for your very good attention today and apologize to you for not having talked to you… One of those weeks was mine oft the other one was pure pique against IRS and so forth over in Washington trying to seize Scientology in the United States, and I had to tell them no. And I told them no. And they’re told for the moment. Now I will draw a deep breath and wind up some more steam and say no a little bit louder next time, and then maybe they won’t try again.”

Well unfortunately they may have succeeded in seizing Scientology  1st of October 1993 with the Secret Closing Agreement and the creation of the “Church Tax Compliance Committee”.

What it basically did was make the Church leadership instead of a tax attorney or enrolled agent responsible for Tax Compliance under IRC 501 C iii thus basically deputizing them as IRS Agents.



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