According to Mike Rinder the Church of Scientology has established a new “Human Rights” site under  STAND for “Scientologists Taking Action Against Discrimination” which would actually make the acronym STAAD as Rinder points out.

Rinder reminds me of the person in the policy in the Data Series who notes some pennant being flown upside down on a Soviet luxury cruise ship as an “out point” instead of the actual cruise ship.

Anyone who is aware of deep state politics knows that “Human Rights” is currently used as the cover for overthrowing elected Governments. This is what happened in Ukraine and is currently being attempted here in the US.

In the past few weeks President Donald Trump has called for “extreme  vetting” of immigrants and refugees coming from various countries that have terrorist affiliations. The former president Barak Obama did exactly the same thing himself when he was in office yet this fact seems to have been ignored by these current “Human Rights” activists until now.

Why is that?

When one looks at the funding of many of  these so called “Human Rights” groups we find the benefactor in many cases is George Soros.

And who is George Soros?

George Soros is a man that Ron would have called a “one worlder” back in his day who are now called “globalists”. These are the people who seek a one world global government. The same type Ron talks about in his famous lecture Ron’s Journal 67.

The lyrics may have been updated with a different band playing it but really the song remains the same and that song is Global Dominance.

For a look inside this world I recommend watching the latest James Bond entry SPECTRE.

Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, and Extortion was a creation of the late Ian Fleming who replaced his original villainous shadowy organization SMERSH which was an actual organization created by Stalin and is a contraction of the Russian phrase “Smert Shpionam” which translates to “death to spies” with a globalist criminal conspiracy led by a man by the name of Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

A fictional character who much like his real life counterpart George Soros sought world domination.

Like the old saying in many cases it is true that art does imitate life and that Soros is about as close to a real life Blofeld as one can get right down to changing his name from Gyorgy Schwartz although for different reasons than the fictional character.

In Soros FKA Schwartz case being Jewish was crime in Nazi party controlled Hungary punishable by imprisonment and in many cases death so it was changed to one that was more christian

Of course there was nothing wrong with the young Gyorgy having his name changed from Schwartz to Soros to protect himself. What was morally reprehensible is that he collaborated with the Nazis against his own people.

Many say in his defense that he was merely a child of fourteen at the time, assuming that a  teenager has no scruples, yet when Soros was asked to recount this period in an interview he does so with no regrets.

Strange, even a hardened criminal with a modicum of conscience would at least try to rationalize or justify why they would do something so reprehensible.

So do we know that there is Soros funding behind the Church of Scientology’s latest efforts?

Well in this case timing is every thing. So far with this new Presidency we have seen the rise of many fabricated that are ostensibly so concerned about “Human Rights” but have some other agenda. This is obvious since it was the previous administration and its predecessors that basically threw out the Bill of Rights.

The reason Trump has been so successful in removing criminal aliens is because of the Anti-Terrorist legislation that was signed into law by Bill Clinton which allowed Immigration officials to deport aliens who had committed nothing more than a misdemeanor.

This was the bill that was signed into law after the famous Oklahoma City bombing which was considered an act of domestic terrorism, yet the bill in reality mainly goes after immigrants.

Yet I don’t remember any protests in the streets for immigrants who were unceremoniously kicked out of the country for stealing a loaf of bread!

Nor do I remember George W Bush being accused of being a racist and an “Islamophope” when he locked up hundreds of Muslims with out writ of Habeas corpus after the terrorist event known as “911”.

Even when he started a war based on lies and prevarications that was expanded by his successor to include most of what is considered “Islam”.

In fact Barak Obama’s interventions seemed to almost go unnoticed by much of the Anti-war movement. The same as they were when Clinton before him started a war Former Yugoslavia which was labeled ironically and oxymoronically  as  “humanitarian bombing”!

Yet when the current President calls for a slow down of immigration and to secure the borders he’s immediately called a racist!

One could ask if they were being naive “why weren’t they out there on the streets protesting then yet seem to be protesting now?”

So either the Church of Scientology is being played or it supports this covert agenda laid down by George Soros and his Globalist friends.




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