Fake News

A lot has been said about “fake news” recently, but I think one post that expresses its deleterious effects is found here:

Jon Rappoport’s Blog

Trump’s war against the media continues

Where he says:


Those who thought Trump would back off in his war against media are, so far, wrong.

For example, the other day, the White House held an informal press conference, a “gaggle,” and among those not invited was the New York Times.

—How dare they, the Times said.

The truth is, we are long overdue for a massive exposure of the mainstream press. As in: they are liars. As in: they are shills for the so-called “progressive Left.” As in: they have a history of supporting horrific US wars. As in: they take CIA “leaks” as gospel. As in: they never expose the Globalist agenda. As in: they defend conventional medicine which destroys millions of lives. And so forth and so on.


Included could be the press and the media’s relentless attacks against Scientology that have been going on for decades since the beginning and even before that with Dianetics.

I know there were so called “Independent Scientologists” in the beginning who supported this relentless assault against the subject while claiming they were attacking the organization and not the subject who have gone to the dark side.

One in particular is Mike Rinder who has a blog with a title taken from an LRH lecture entitled “Something Can Be Done About it“.

Another one is Marty or Mark Rathbun who seems to have seen the error in his ways in a recent blog.

I’ve always thought that airing out our dirty laundry in the Mainstream Media was a bad idea for many reasons.

One reason is the media has done as expected by using “Independent Scientologists” challenge of the current regime in particular David Miscavige  as a lightening rod to trash the whole subject.

Worse it only gives him and the current regime more legitimacy and power since most Scientologists distrust the media to begin with because of their original attacks against the subject and its founder.

So going to the New York Times or WaPo or the Warstreet Journal or the Tampa Bay FKA appropriately the SP Times and crying like some bitch slapped biker babe isn’t really going to accomplish a lot. Neither is becoming a not so “confidential” CI for the FBI as Rinder has done really doing anything constructive especially if the Church of Scientology is being manipulated by dear old Mother “K” as in Kubark.

All it does is allow media vultures like Tony Ortega, Larry Wright and Alex Gibney to circle  dying carcass of the Church of Scientology.

This triumphant represent what I call fake “journalism”. Wright because he promotes the Government’s false narrative about nine eleven.

Even if one does not believe that it was an inside job or that the World Trade Center was rigged with explosives the fact remains that Wright completely omits CIA’s involvement in nurturing the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda  in his book The Looming Tower.

Gibney took what had pretty much been fallowed ground that had been worked over in the documentary the on the Torture Memos  and turned them into a more personalized account he entitled Taxi to the Dark Side then he himself probably caught an Uber going in the same direction by attacking the whistle blowing website Wikileaks with the hit piece We Steal Secrets.

Last and probably least is Tony Ortega who brags about his association to deprogrammers who in the past would at the behest of some “concerned citizen” and a fee would kidnap their children from some “insidious cult” usually meaning a sect that wasn’t part of what was considered a mainstream religion and forcibly restrain or imprison and psychologically or in some cases physically torture them until they renounced their association to said “cult”.

Many were the same deprogrammers who advised the FBI, BATF and those members of the military who contrary to Posse Comitatus were involved in the stand off at Wacko Texas and turned the whole situation into a funeral pyre for David Koresh and his followers which included many children.

Ortega has moved on from torching churches to more subtle forms pyromania with the release of his book Little Miss Lovely about the life and times of his heroine Paulette Cooper who according to him was given that moniker by Scientology’s Guardian’s Office.

Having personally known and counseled GO members myself when I worked for the Church “Little Miss Lovely” was definitely not a moniker that was used to describe Cooper!

As an aside I’ve always wondered why the GO spent so much time and energy going after Cooper since there were others who wrote books that were more malicious and scandalous than the Scandal of Scientology at the time such as I was a Scientology Superman which is probably sitting on some musty used book shelf somewhere that was written by a former member who describes the confidential or secret levels of Scientology from his own unique perspective.

Nor did they spend much time going after magazines like Penthouse for example who actually published excerpts of these closely guarded secrets but seemed to remain obsessed with Cooper.

Unless one considers this “obsession” merely a distraction devised by those who had already infiltrated the Guardian’s Office.

I military strategy one sets up a deceptive target for attack while the main body or force uses their main forces to out flank and encircle those attacking.

Probably another post for another time.




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